Water Scarcity in the Western United States

Hi all,

Here is my White Paper. Enjoy!



There is a common saying that humans are able to survive three hours in harsh conditions without shelter, three days without water, and three weeks without food. While the specific durations may be up for debate, the fact that water is a crucial element of human life is not. Modern science has shed light on some of the mystical properties people used to associate with water, and certainly showed that water quality is incredibly important for public health, but it has struggled to find a sustainable solution to a rapidly growing problem in the western United States- water scarcity. An area that lacks sufficient quantities of usable water to meet the needs of the region is experiencing water scarcity. Under this definition, it starts to become clear why science has not “solved” water scarcity. The sheer volume of factors that must be considered makes it a daunting task: ground and surface water hydrology, water quality, inefficient usage, water allocation, and perhaps most importantly, pricing.



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