White Paper: Slicing the Rainbow?

Hello all,

Below is my white paper. In the paper I discuss the recent and discriminatory piece of legislation, House Bill 2 (HB2), signed by various North Carolina government officials. Have a wonderful summer and I hope y’all enjoy! (Teaser also provided)

Final Stakeholder Paper



The North Carolina House of Representatives passed the House Bill 2 (HB2) act, more officially called the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, on March 23, 2016. After an 82-26 victory for the North Carolina House of Representatives, the Senate also passed the bill in three short hours, allowing for HB2 to be signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory. This discriminatory and highly contentious act asserts that transgendered, non-binary, and intersex people may only use restrooms corresponding to the specified sex on their birth certificate. Much of the world has supported the opposition to this act, yet some find comfort and security with the new legislation. The full economic impact of HB2 is largely unrealized with regards to North Carolina’s economy, but notable consequences have surfaced. Companies are backing out of expanding operations in North Carolina, musicians are cancelling their tour stops, and CEOs across the nation are expressing their concerns and oppositions of the act. Thousands of jobs and millions of dollars have been lost due to the recent legislation, and the resistance keeps growing. Though repealing the act does not seem promising, there are other solutions to the problem than simply forcing individuals into respective restrooms based on sex, rather than how one identifies. I simply propose gender-neutral bathrooms for all public facilities, or, a unisex bathroom in addition to men/women restrooms. In making the restrooms more inclusive, one can hope to alleviate the fear and discomfort several people face each day. I have never hesitated to make a decision because of any aspect of my identity, and I realize now that this luxury is actually a tremendous privilege.

In the paper, I examine and discuss the opposing and supporting views of HB2, suggest alternatives to the legislation, dissect the LGBT community and its future, and present polls/percentages.

-Lexi Karpuk


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