The Current Shape of Corporate America:

Hi Everyone,

Below is my white paper, within which I discuss current corporate culture and ethics. Have a great summer!

Stakeholder Final Paper


Current companies within corporate America have become so focused on profits that the public has seen many scandals in the past. Companies such as Enron, WorldCom, Sunbeam were adored by the public until it came to light that they had defrauded their investors and had been involved in shady business practices. Beginning by discussing what management ethics are, this paper aims to discuss how a high tone of ethics within an organization can help the company avoid ethical dilemmas that caused these events. This paper discusses in detail the events specifically regarding Enron and Sunbeam, and offers opinions on why they occurred. In addition, the Financial Collapse of 2008 is analyzed to see what role the overall market had in the events that occurred.

The analysis of past events is followed by one of current companies that embody a perspective that is both forward looking and ethical. These companies either look to please their workers first and then care about profits second or are constantly looking at how they can use their profits to affect change in the world. In concluding with a discussion on what could be done to ensure that another large scandal could not occur I hope that this paper challenges you to think critically about the ways ethics play a large part in everyday life.


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