Make Way, Hipster Sustainability…

This paper focuses on the issues that lie behind the inaccessibility of sustainable opportunities for non-traditionally sustainable companies. Seeing that it is evident that sustainability is practically becoming a requirement to enter today’s market, it is no longer enough to have a “bright idea” if that bright idea is unsustainably produced. This causes a predicament for “backstage” companies that aren’t in our everyday limelight, but are still just as much a part of it (cement, rubber tire, or plastic companies) now have to step up to the inapplicably competitive standards set by publically marketable “frontstage” or “hipster sustainable” industries (electronic devices, coffees, or clothing companies). My argument is that sustainability in and of itself should not be a competitive advantage that is capitalized by some and is without framework for others, but is the ultimate universal goal of our global community and should therefore be implemented in a way that makes it as easily accessible on all levels of our capitalistic industry as possible to secure a bright and responsible future. To do this, I propose that participation from at least three sectors is needed to help make an accessible impact for backstage industries, those sectors are: business, government, and society. Through analyzing the drawbacks already in place in these three sectors, I will attempt to highlight the strengths that they can and should bring forth to implement a collective impact on the barriers to entry for sustainability.


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