Digital Piracy: From Lobbying to Innovation

Executive Summary

People have been using the Internet as a hub for communication and economic opportunity since the growth of the dot-com bubble in the mid 90s. Any regular person can also use the internet to express themselves creatively with ease. Unfortunately, because of its efficiency and ease of use, any regular person can also abuse its power as well. As the tech companies and the Internet itself continue to rapidly progress, one obstacle stands in their way. Online piracy, which is the digital theft of intellectual property, has caused many problems, mostly for the entertainment industry. By illegally sharing media online, pirates are actively taking money from record companies, movie studios, etc. Because of this, some organizations, like the MPAA and RIAA, have been fighting hard to reduce online piracy through lobbying. Recently, however, their efforts have been frowned upon by the public. In their perspective, bills such as SOPA and PIPA threaten the freedom of speech that allows Internet activity to thrive. This proposed censorship of the Internet for US users could create a lot of unintended issues, including threatening the future of the tech industry. For this reason, I will discuss the effects of digital piracy by focusing on the main copyright watchdogs: the MPAA and the RIAA. These organizations will benefit greatly from abandoning lobbying and innovating instead. By focusing on innovation and finding business solutions to business problems instead of relying on legislation, the entertainment industry may actually start to overcome digital piracy.

Full White Paper Attached Below:

Digital Piracy White Paper


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