The People’s Wagen will be a Clean One

Due to their difficult times recently, Volkswagen, has decided to hire me as its Chief Innovation Officer to revamp the company and help balance the public’s view. The first plan of action is to go electric. We are going to discontinue the three models that were violating the emissions tests and use this opportunity to move our brand in a new direction. We are going to make three new futuristic, sleek, and elegant models. Everything about these cars is going to make you think and feel clean. However, we will not move away from our roots, these cars will still have the Volkswagen feel to them by retaining some of Volkswagen’s notable features. Our marketing campaign will be somewhat similar to that of Domino’s pizza. Domino’s admitted that its pizza wasn’t the best quality and the company publicly displayed peoples disgust. The company then displayed all the changes that it was going to make to show the public that it wanted to please its customers and make better food. Volkswagen will do the same to show its customers that they are a responsible company that wants to make the best cars that do not hurt the environment.

My teammate will be Elon Musk as I would want his public stamp of approval on all of the new electric cars that Volkswagen will create. I want to attempt to become as involved in Tesla Motors as we possibly can. Together both of our companies can work together to create a cleaner world and pollute less through emissions. I will also want Bob Dudley to help our team as well. He is the CEO of British Petroleum and I feel that he will be able to help guide the team through public disaster especially one that has to do with pollution.

Those affected by my decision will be both stakeholders and shareholders. We will become a cleaner company which helps the general public, our customers will be buying a more responsible car, and our long-term shareholders will be happy to see that we are moving in the right direction in the view of the public.

I think most of the ethical/philosophical thinkers would approve of this decision because, while it may seem insincere because it is reactionary, it will only lead to a better company in the future. I assume Milton Freidman would be pleased with this decision because shareholders would be happy to see a change that would reboot stock prices and our company image. Most of the decisions made were to ensure that the company begins to generate revenue again by making people want to buy Volkswagens products even after the scandal. So I will say it again, Milton would be pleased.


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