Innovation At Walmart

Being Chief Innovation Officer is hard work; I’ve been finding it more difficult than I thought I would. I never thought that I would be working for Walmart, I always envisioned myself working in finance but when a job opportunity this great comes around you don’t turn it down. One of the biggest things that I think Walmart can work on is its customer relations. As Walmart operates within a customer service driven industry, it is important that Walmart always address the needs of the consumers shopping there. Currently customers can find a wide array of products that suit their needs at Walmart, but there is always work that can be done. One of the large criticisms that Walmart draws is in regards to its practice of moving into a new location. There is often a sentiment that Walmart overshadows and displaces local mom and pop businesses when it moves into the area. As the Chief Innovation Officer I would want to propose more collaboration between local businesses and Walmart, as ultimately they are customers who can do their shopping at Walmart as well. I would want to start an initiative that could help potentially move products from local businesses onto Walmart shelves so that Walmart can help, not hurt, local businesses.

I would love to be able to bring John Mackey onto my team because of his experience with Whole Foods. When he founded Whole Foods he partnered with local stores as to not drive them out of business, and when a flood destroyed his original store he received help from customers and neighbors because of their loyalty to them. Whole Foods itself focuses on many different aspects of sustainability, which any company always has room to improve on. Within this class, I think that the ethical thinker that would be another great addition to my team is David Orr. While he focuses mainly on the environment, I think that he would provide a wealth of knowledge that could help Walmart in many different ways.

As Chief Innovation Officer I am very excited to work with everyone within the Walmart organization, and am looking forward to meeting many of the different employees who make this company so successful.



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