Goodnight and Good Luck


benoberfeld (Ben): Gigaunique
megaschu (Ben): Megaunique
bradywargofchik22 Brady: Gutsy
dck007 (Dan): Don Quixote
dph006 (Doug): The OG (Innovative about practices)
fhenry1995 (Henry): Penultimate
iag001 (Ian): A Dream within A Dream – 2nd level of inception
jacobisraelhannah: Real, Man. Too Real.
josiahhannah: Most Fabled
lmk021 (Lexi): Hermoine Granger
margaretekblom: OG Procrastinator.
myc001 (Mona): Tesla, leveled up.
msm037 (Morgan): District Attorney
pzelizalde (Patxi): Procrastinator?.. Ah, We’ll do this one later.
pkrebs101 (Peter): Leggo my Eggo
ryanthomson2016 (Ryan): Professor Calamitous 8cfaf063f4ad408c018402e30006dfb7.jpg
shs020 (Spencer): … Let’s wrap up the burritos.
westshepherd (West): Hubris Award for Self ConfidenceScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.06.35 PM (1).png
wmo001 (Will): Ripped form the headlines
zma01 (Zach): Great Title!!!!!

Top Rated Posts:

The Walking Debt – Jacob Hannah

Starting Over: The Diary of a Survivor: Josiah Hannah

A Burrito With a Grain of Salt, Please: Ben Schumacher


Most Viewed:

The Ethics of Encryption – Brady (31 Views, ten randos!)

Uberly Ethical Dilemma – Morgan (27 Views)

Snapchat: Privacy and Data – Dan (24 Views)


Best Comment: on “The Elephant in The Room”

“Warren Buffett is just too old, he may not be around when the shit hits the fan. I would prefer Bernie Madoff over Jeff.” -RICODILELLO


Questions to Answer:

What post are you most proud of/were most challenged by?

Who’s post challenged your ideas the most?

What post revealed the mots to you about the author?


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