A Sustainable Walmart

Hello all! As your recently hired Chief Innovation Officer of Walmart, I aim to shift our focus and dedication to the sustainable practices and procedures used throughout the company. As the world’s largest company and biggest employer, I believe it is important to set a certain precedent across the industry that our employees care about sustainability and protect the environment everyday. In recent years, stakeholders have become more concerned about the environment and wasteful business practices, so we will be committed to sustainable policies, or as I like to call it, a three-pronged attack. I designed this “attack” of sorts to cover the necessary qualifications of being an industry leader in sustainability. So, the goals for Walmart are as follows: to be supplied by 100% renewable energy, sell products that sustain resources and the environment, and to create zero waste throughout our business processes. Walmart may have a head start on some of these goals, yet none have been fully attained, and we can be more aggressive in our policies and procedures to ensure such goals are achieved. Eliminating landfill waste can be daunting, so we must focus on materials used by the company to encourage and expect the recycling of products from customers. Our stakeholders (customers, employees, etc.) and the environment both benefit from achieving certain sustainability goals, especially since the actions of Walmart could significantly affect business operations of other companies across the world (due to the brand impact).

Reaching these sustainability measures is no easy task, and I plan on having some extra assistance on my team. At first, I would hire not just one, but both Hannah brothers for their unparalleled expertise in sustainability and management. Also, I believe Morgan has heightened knowledge about current issues facing Walmart, so her expertise on the company as a whole is very useful for achieving my three-pronged attack. I cannot complete these tasks alone, so we will work hard (together) to make Walmart the ultimate leader in sustainability.

We have already received support from David Orr, environmentalist and notable conservationist, for our efforts. He discussed five different possibilities of defining the sustainability challenge in an article be wrote: social traps, flaws of understanding the relationship between the economy and Earth, dominant nature in science and technology, deep roots traced back to evolution, or human perversity. He notes that the definition of sustainability is unclear. Rather than pinpoint a certain definition, I believe a useful approach to conquering the sustainability challenge involves conserving our resources, developing and forming a sustainably-educated society, supporting sustainable business products and ventures, making advances in sustainability with the increase of technology.

As the Chief Innovation Officer, it is my duty to manage processes of innovation in an organization or recognize new, innovative ideas proposed by myself or other individuals. I believe we can use the unquestionable power Walmart has, to set a standard across all companies that sustainability should be at the forefront of all business operations.

I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together!

Kind regards,

Lexi Karpuk (CIO)


3 thoughts on “A Sustainable Walmart

  1. Seems like a noble task. For the size of the Walmart chain, those goals could be relatively long term. 100% renewable energy powered is a lot of renewables, even in today’s growing market. Do you maybe have a timeline or year goal date set for this or any of the other endeavors?


    1. Ideally, I would like to achieve these endeavors by 2025. I believe that there is the technology and resources available to accomplish my three-pronged approach of renewable energy, sustainable products, and zero waste. Efforts for sustainable actions at Walmart have been set in place since the early 2000’s, but by identifying the problems and proposing solutions, I believe my approach is more aggressive, and will be more effective in the end.

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  2. As you discussed I think one of the ways where Walmart could use some sustainability is within its supply chain. For such a large business across the country there is a lot of shipping that Walmart does. I think that this will ultimately be something that many shipping companies will implement, not just Walmart if they choose to do so.


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