Last Blog Post- Putting it all Together

Imagine you are hired as the “Chief Innovation Officer” of an organization.  Hey, this is a real title.

  1. Based on what you know about the organization and it’s sector, generally, propose an innovation that would make it a better organization, one that does more to fulfill its purpose and thereby increase its value to its stakeholders.
  2. Who would you bring on board your team?  This can be thinkers and doers from class including individuals and organizations.  You can bring a classmate too.
  3. Who is affected by your innovation?
  4. Of the philosophical/ethical thinkers we have read, who would most approve of your proposed innovation?

Geisinger  (Healthcare, non profit)

Walmart (Retail)

Goldman Sach (Investment Banking)
Ashoka (Social entrepreneur incubator and advocate)
Cargill (They do A LOT, but focus on food or agriculture)
Partial list of philosophical/ethical thinkers
MILTON Friedman
ED Freeman
John Stuart Mill (Utilitarian)
Groenhout (Care ethics)
David Orr
Castells (social movements)

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