Current Politics and Trump

For this blog post I wanted to take the time to discuss a bit the current political climate that we are in. In advance I apologize if I say or claim something that is incorrect, please call me out on it as I’m not the most well-versed on these issues and am trying to learn more. I recently did a presentation in my economics class about what we called the geography of Trumpism, which namely look at who is currently supporting Trump and what they have in common both geographically and socially. Through our readings and research we found that the people who support Trump are people who are primarily white, work in “old economy” jobs, and report themselves as “American” on the census to name a few. By no means is this indicative of all the people who vote for Trump, but it does represent a large portion of them. Many of the people who are voting for Trump feel that American life has largely passed them by, as they have seen their primarily manufacturing jobs dry up in favor of the service favored economy we are now largely in. In addition, with the large increase in the outsourcing of jobs in the past decade voters supporting Trump, much to their frustration, have also seen their jobs move abroad.

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I don’t want to say that any of the variables I listed above perfectly correlate with support for Trump, but they do have some significance in mapping his support. As the chapter Changing the World In The Network Society discussed, “Throughout history, social movements have been, and continue to be, the levels of social change. They usually stem from a crisis of living conditions that makes everyday life unbearable for most people.” Trump has garnered support for the people that feel like their everyday life is becoming unbearable due to the current political and economic conditions. For this upcoming election we have seen the emergence of candidates like Trump and Sanders who are receiving support from these people who are looking towards these new social movements as a way of changing their situations. Some voters are looking to Trump to bring back jobs and help improve their overall economic situation as they feel he has the corporate experience to do so.

Overall in the past few elections there has been an emergence of people who have become tired with the current political process. These people have looked towards candidates such as Trump or Sanders to help change the political environment, as they have become disillusioned and disassociated from it. One of the biggest challenges of the political system though is the reliance on money. Candidates are funded by capitalists who influence them through large donations, which fundamentally weaken the change that they can create. This is another large issue that Trump and Sanders are trying to tackle, with Trump himself funding most of his own campaign. Each candidate has their own strengths and weaknesses and it will be interesting to see what will happen in the future. Once again I apologize if I have accidentally misspoken at any point in this post, please feel free to correct me.

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6 thoughts on “Current Politics and Trump

  1. Ian, I think that your point regarding capitalists who fund candidates campaigns ties well into the Walzer reading and everything he speaks against. He discusses the problem with dominance across multiple spheres. In this case, we see the problem of capitalists who have dominance in the economic sphere encroaching on and influencing dominance within the political sphere as well. Proponents of campaign finance reformation have argued that financing money through private money leads to corruption, and politicians work to please their doners and their constituents.


  2. I really found your post interesting Ian! The graphic was a nice representation of his supporters, and I enjoyed your final paragraph where you talked about people becoming “tired with the current political process,” and that cannot be stressed enough. People believe that change will come from Trump and Sanders because their message is different than most politicians we have seen. This election is definitely perplexing to me, and I am also interested in discovering who becomes the next leader of our country.


  3. Ian, great post! I think the latter portion of your post definitely illustrates how in most cases, money = power. The more money that a candidate has, the more access they have to the public and the higher the chances it is that they are elected, it would be interesting if there could be a time where there was a separation of wealth and politics. I agree though, people are tired and in some cases scared of the current climate that we are in and are seeking to get their voices heard by voting for either Trump or Sanders.


  4. Some have said that the support for Trump in this election is puzzling to them, but I think your chart really helps point to the reason. It seems to me that people are tired of what is happening in this country and are willing to listen to a man like Trump with strong opinions and honesty. These people I speak of are typically the less educated, lower class folks who have more of a reason to be desperate and seek a radical candidate. Although not all Trump voters fall under this category, people forget that typical Americans these days aren’t middle class citizens who are well off.


  5. I don’t want to assume every person who votes or supports Trump is uneducated, poor, or any of the above because not all of the support is from these populations. Like Spencer said, people find his support puzzling because it does not make sense to what we have learned in past schooling. My own AP Government and Politics teacher from High School likes Trump in some areas like his foreign policy stance. Some like him because they hate the bi-partisan system and believe Trump can completely destroy it and then everything can start fresh. Pigeon-holing Trump into having this specific type of supporter is the same as saying Bernie Sanders doesn’t win anything except the millenial votes. Maybe there is something they know that we don’t?


    1. I’d agree that not everyone who votes or supports Trump is uneducated, poor, or belonging to any of the other metrics that are listed in that chart up above. As you mentioned, like Spencer said a big difference currently is that his support is like nothing that has been seen in the past. I think what Trump may have accomplished is more support from this segment of the population, but by no means is it indicative as a whole of the type of supporter that he does have. It will be interesting to see who will vote for Trump further down the road in this election cycle.

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