TOMS Founder: Blake Mycoskie

Toms is one of the most well known cause driven companies in the last couple of years. The company was founded by Blake Mycoskie, an American entrepreneur who hails from Arlington Texas. He went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas and studied philosophy and business. He initially went to SMU on a partial tennis scholarship but an injury lead that to be cut short and he focused on his studies instead. Right after he graduated he proved his entrepreneurial skills by launching a college laundry service called EZ laundry. This was just a stepping-stone. By the way, EZ laundry generated $1 million in sales.


Next, he launched a marketing and media company that was sold only nine months later after its rapid growth. To add to this mans interesting life, him and his sister competed on the popular TV show, The Amazing Race and placed third. After an inspiring and eye opening trip to Argentina in 2006, he created TOMS. As most know, TOMS is a company built on the one for one business model, meaning they would donate a pair of shoes for every shoe sold. By 2013, the company had donated 10 million shoes to people in need.


Clearly, Mycoskie’s values were influenced by his initial trip to Argentina. He realized that his skills in entrepreneurship and business could be used for more than just personal gain and profit. He took what could have been a business venture and made it into something far more significant. Mycoskie has won numerous awards and accolades for his work with TOMS including Fortunes 40 under 40 list, and People magazine’s “heroes among us” issue. I chose this profile because TOMS has become so popular. In addition, this profile is a lesson that businesses have the power to do so much good in this world. When a company is run the right way, there are endless possibilities for how they can change the world for the better.



3 thoughts on “TOMS Founder: Blake Mycoskie

  1. As you mentioned above I think TOMS can be a great example to other new emerging companies that not everything is about profit. TOMS built a business on providing quality shoes but also because they chose to give so much to charity. Maybe we will start to see more companies like this that want to change the world through including charity in their business practices.


  2. The nice thing that separates Toms from other companies is that it actually incorporates its charity into its customer experience. By buying a pair of Toms, the company makes sure its customer can see the tangible impact his/ her purchase has on these children- through the pictures they on their website of employers traveling to these countries and delivering these shoes. TOMS is definitely a great example of a company who places its focus on CSR and treats profit as a byproduct.


  3. I think TOMS is an amazing company specially for the fact that it is so closely identified with giving away a pair of shoes to a poor child for every pair sold—Toms has trademarked the tagline “one for one”—that it’s often mistaken for a charity. It’s success was so meaningful that it has spawned buy-one-give-one copycats offering everything from dog treats to cups of coffee. That is what I call a positive impact!


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