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Shiela Marcelo is a Filipino-American entrepreneur. She is the founder, chairwoman, and current CEO of, the world’s largest online destination for finding and managing family care. She was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2011 and is the youngest recipient of the Harvard Business School Alumni Achievement Award (2014). She is an active Filipino-American philanthropist supporting Filipinos and Filipino-Americans and is on the Board of Trustees of the Philippine Development Foundation, a non-profit that works with the Philippine government on education, innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives.

Marcelo came up with the idea of when she was faced with a tough challenge during her college years at Mt. Holyoke College. At the time, she had her first child and because she was an international student from the Philippines, she didn’t have her family nearby as a support system. Later, while helping her care for her second child, her father suffered a heart attack and Marcelo struggled to find care for him, as well as child care for her two sons. It was at this point that she realized there was a need in the market to help families find care. Five years later in 2006, after getting more operational and managerial experience, she finally launched, which became a huge success.

I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with, but it is essentially an online marketplace for caregivers. Through, one can easily hire caregivers for children (babysitters, tutors), adults and seniors (errands, transportation, medication, companionship), pets (dog walkers, sitters, training, grooming), and homes (housekeepers, house sitters). Thanks to this website, all of these services are available by simply creating an account and choosing a caregiver who fits your needs. The values and innovation imbedded in was noticed by many as from its founding in 2006 through August 2012, it raised more than $111 million in venture capital from investors, including LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. Today, the site has more than 17.8 million members, spanning 16 countries.

The main reasons I chose Shiela Marcelo is not only because she is a Filipino, born and raised, like I am, but because she is also a family friend. She attended high school with my mother growing up and they have since remained close friends. Because of this, I have been greatly aware of the rapid growth of this very innovative and great idea since the beginning. She is an inspiration to Filipinos everywhere and her work will greatly improve the lives of many people in need for years to come.

In case ya need some care: 


2 thoughts on “Sheila Marcelo &

  1. Patxi, I think it’s so inspiring to have grown up with a role model to look up to that is helping literally millions of families across several countries. The experience she gathered helped her to make her dream of helping others come true and that was fueled by personal experience which makes her passionate and definitely a great person to have in a company.


  2. Wow, part of me feels so empowered by entrepreneurs like this woman who is addressing a big need in our country, and another part of me feels ashamed that my country is one where entrepreneurs are the only ones really making an impactful change in a country that doesn’t provide maternity leave. I’m glad she’s making a difference and maybe this will eventually influence legislation.


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