My CEO: Steve Jobs

We all know Steve Jobs. Was an American information technology entrepreneur and inventor. He was the  was the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple; CEO and largest shareholder of Pixar; a member of Walt Disney’s board of directors following its acquisition of Pixar; and founder, chairman, and CEO of NeXT.

In the case of Apple, company for which he is most known for, the brand’s core value, as Jobs says in the presentation of 1997, is not about technology or “making boxes for people to get their jobs done.” Apple’s core value, said Jobs, is this: “We believe people with passion can change the world for the better….and that those people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who actually do.”

The reason why I picked Steve Jobs is because he had a huge impact on our society. As his official biographer described, Jobs was a “creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing.” As a marketing major whose focus is technology, I see him as an example to follow. Don’t you?


8 thoughts on “My CEO: Steve Jobs

  1. There are so many different aspect to Steve Jobs and the companies he has been a part of. The passion that you mentioned in your blog is certainly there – Jobs knows what he likes with this technology and how to achieve it. I do wonder if that passion is there though throughout the entire company, and if the work community that is a result of Jobs being there has any effect on that passion?


    1. Hey Doug, thanks for your post. I see your concern, sure there might a good CEO who leads its company to great profits but may not necessarily inspire the rest of the company to be truly passionate. I do not believe this is the case. I am not sure whether you are familiar with Joni Ive, who is directly responsible for the overseeing the design of each of the products that Apple is known for. Joni Ive described Jobs as “so clever”, with “bold” and “magnificent” ideas. I believe that shows some of the passion that jobs transfers to the rest of his employees.


  2. Steve Jobs was an interesting character. A true genius, but weird in other aspects. Its amazing how so much of what is engrained in our daily lives–iPhones, Macbooks, etc–was created largely by Jobs. As we have learned, his managerial style was certainly not flawless, but he expected a lot from his employees in search of the next great tech invention. I for one think it would have been a wonderful opportunity to work alongside such a visionary. He is influential in a technological revolution that has changed the world forever, but the question remains whether or not this has been good or bad.


    1. Thanks for your post Brady. Personally, being away from my family, I could not do without the invention of micro computing and the ability to take around my devices. I am extremely thankful for it, and I believe that once we get over the initial hype of technology and we start optimizing its use, it will be seen as an obvious positive advance in the right direction.


  3. It was interesting to read your post and the comments below! As someone writing about Apple, I was drawn to the post. I think you made several good points about why he would be a valuable member of a company like you said, but also thought about the ways he treated his employees and the expectations he had of them as Brady mentioned. But I also wonder if iPhone would be as developed or as huge of a success as it continues to be now if he didn’t have those qualities in him.


    1. I believe that it takes a lot of perseverance to be able to create such a perfect device, not just design wise but also technology wise. It really shows the passion and the consequent effort that was put into its fabrication and manufacturing. As we know, it is not Steve Jobs that created the iPhone, it was teams upon teams of people who did it inspired by him. I think that makes a big difference.


  4. As an extremely controversial CEO, I was surprised that you chose Steve Jobs. However, I do agree with you that he had one of the greatest innovative minds, and undoubtedly created a company that still to this day is a huge success. I don’t know if you have ever watched his commencement speech at Stanford, but I’ve watched it a bunch of times and I think it speaks really well to his drive and passion as a leader. I attached it below!


    1. I have indeed watched his commencement speech at Stanford for one of my public speaking classes in high school. His address is one of the greatest examples of public speaking in recent history so thank you for posting it.


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