Fédération Internationale de Football Association

I am interested in the 2015 Fifa corruption case, mostly because I know very little about it. I do know that it had to do with the collusion of officials and certain soccer “football” teams. There are, obviously, areas of controversy so the opportunity to apply ethics to the situation will be quite easy. I believe the focus of my paper will revolve around Kant’s view of how unethical behavior, specifically cheating in this case, affects the entire industry, in that if every soccer team cheated like this FIFA would be unable to function. I also feel as though the FIFA case is good because in a way it mimics how businesses interact. Each soccer team can be looked at like a company competing against others. Just a thought.

However, I generally apply Kant’s deontological views to situations in my life. While sometimes, not taking the consequences of my actions into consideration has hurt me in the past, I believe that Kant’s views are more personal and holistic than the utilitarian/consequentialist ideology. I also know that the only thing that we control in this world is our actions; consequences are sometimes abstract and out of our power. So I believe the focus of our ethics should be based entirely on the morality of our actions. Everyone has some set of guidelines in their mind that they use to make decisions, it is the individuals responsibility to create proper guidelines to follow. What I have some trouble with in terms of what the guidelines are based on and when determining them does one take consequences into consideration. I would assume so. If anyone has any thoughts on that please tell me in the comments. I will most likely use the article A Kantian Approach to Business Ethics because a. it provides a very good argument for a deontological/Kant’s potential influence on business and b. all of the articles I find on google scholar are cost money.

I want to see FIFA’s mission statement and code of conduct, specifically for the teams under speculation. There has to be something in their mission statement/code of conduct that infers a policy on cheating. I also want to look into the code of conduct for other sports such as NBA, NFL, and others to compare them to FIFA’s. In terms of the policy, I want to stick with Kant’s categorical imperative, which basically questions how certain actions will affect the industry if every entity did the action in question. I think this question is the best gauge to determine the ethics of any decision, especially in business.


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  1. Being someone that has been following what has been going on in the FIFA scandal but not actually understanding what is going on, I’m jealous that you picked this topic. Soccer has such a worldwide viewership, especially an event as large as the World Cup. I know that apparently a team paid off referees in the 2006 World Cup. This is every opposing fans dream I think, a team ACTUALLY paid off the refs. But I know that if something were to happen in the US it would be total anarchy.

    The kantian approach is a great point of view to look at it from. As I was reading however I thought that if every team paid the refs then the refs wouldnt need to discriminate. The only way that this works is if you take the kantian approach absolutely literally. It is just an idea that could possibly be an alternate viewpoint for some contrast. FIFA is a great idea!


  2. Nice choice. I like the specificity with how you’re thinking about Kant and how actions become self-defeating if they are unethical. The one thing that I might be mindful of is taking a fairly straight-forward and undisputed view that FIFA was wrong, for these Kantian reasons (even though an analysis of how it feeds into a cyclical pattern and has these consequences would be a good addition to just simple accusations that they were “unfair”). I would think about having a point from the article you choose that you highlight to explain not only that they are wrong, but how they can start thinking in order to change, what we can do as fans, or something completely different. But basically, the argument that they were wrong has already been won, so maybe what you’re pointing out why that wrong really was wrong, and using that information to posit a solution.

    You’re on the right track.

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  3. 1) Google John Oliver Fifa corruption.
    2) You need to learn more about the structure of soccer. FIFA is a non-profit. It is an association of the regional associations. The corruption is about international soccer- like USA versus Guatemala, England vs. German, and so on. In this sense, it is more like NCAA and Olympics then it is business corruption.
    3) Kantian is capitalized. Bowie is not enough to use. You need to find your own additional deontology source or reading.
    4) Good background reading.


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