The Queen of BeautyBean

Alexis Wolfer is an entrepreneur who started “Alexis Wolfer is the founder and editor-in-chief of, an online women’s magazine founded in 2009 to bring women their beauty, fitness and wellness fix in a way designed to make them feel better about themselves. Less than 2 years later, Forbes Magazine named one of the Top 10 Women’s Lifestyle Websites.”

It’s clear to me that Alexis really values a holistic lifestyle of health and wellness. As the editor-in-chief of her online magazine, she embodies the values of her organization everyday in the production of health and wellness content. For someone in her position, the reason she started her magazine in the first place was so that she could spread the knowledge that she had learned. In her healthy practices, her life had become more fulfilling and more enjoyable. She wanted to share that with the world, she’s had big success doing that. In addition, I would imagine that the culture of her company is very healthy and holistic. This goes back to the law of attraction. Someone would most likely hear about the Beauty Bean and decide that they want to live healthily, so they might enjoy working there. The whole organization represents health and spreading healthy living, and I can only imagine that the people who work their have the same or similar values. This is not a sound argument, I realize that. In reality, I think this is actually the case when it comes to the Beauty Bean.

The values that Wolfer has developed for her company definitely drive the success of her company. The values are the brand. When people think about the Beauty Bean they think healthy living, simple as that. The important part of the values are to make sure that they are authentic throughout the company. People buy into the healthy way of life and connect with the Beauty Bean based on those beliefs. The Beauty Bean has a responsibility to uphold those values to maintain brand equity and consistently add value to their consumers.

I personally picked Wolfer because I admire her work as an entrepreneur. I also am in alignment with her values of healthy living. I believe I have knowledge about how to live a healthy life and I like that Wolfer endorses those ideals. I think her brand and her cause are admirable. She is also an author of books that aim to help people live better lives. I hope to one day write several books, so I connect with her on that level as well. She is the author of The Recipe For Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets In Your Kitchen (Running Press, April 2014) andRadiant Bride: The Beauty, Diet, Fitness, And Fashion Plan For Your Big Day (Running Press, December 2015).



2 thoughts on “The Queen of BeautyBean

  1. You talked some about Wolfer’s passion of healthy living, and that is definitely part of Wolfer’s responsibility with the website. The fact that she is able to showcase some of her thoughts, behaviors, and values with her readers is great, and the main reason that she founded the website. Being able to have the passion behind an idea and continue with it throughout its growth is a key part for any leader in an organization, and Wolfer certainly displays that here.


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