Paper 2 Ideas

By Thursday, please write a post updating me and us about your paper 2.  Paper 2 guidelines.  Your post should be 3-4  paragraphs.  The more you write, the easier it is for me to help you.

Also, REPLY to at least TWO other people’s posts in the comments.  Try to be useful about their ideas or to share ideas or research tips.  I will add an extra credit HW for the best commenter (i.e. like having an extra 100% on a HW).

1. What do you already know about it?  What might be themes or topics amenable to an ethical analysis?

  • What are some early finds in terms of research?  List the source and the hyperlink.

2. What ethical school or viewpoint will you adopt to analyze your organization?  Choices include consequentialism, deontology, virtue, sustainability (environmental ethics), justice, feminism, or others you want to research.  Your goal is to have 1-2 GOOD sources that you will be in dialogue with.  Just as Nozick and Rawls are in dialogue with each other, or ED and MILTON, or Stout and Jensen, your goal is to have one source, such as a published article in a journal of ethics or a chapter or part of a book.

  • How are you doing your search?  What tools are you using?  Keywords?
  • Are you using a cited reference search?  Google scholar is good for this.
  • Have you checked in with good reference sources for background?  or to find that ideal, target source.  For example, the encyclopedia article on consequentialism listed many primary sources.  Maybe one of those would be ideal for you?

3) What is a POLICY area your paper is linked to?  A policy area is about laws, rules, regulation, or best practices for more than one organization.  This is the focus of your final paper.  For example, maybe paper 2 is about Hershey’s and labor.  Then your final paper topic could be slave labor in the African chocolate industry.  Or your paper is about Amazon and gender pay equity and your final paper topic is about what companies can do to minimize unconscious gender bias.  The possibilities are pretty endless.  It is recommended yo link paper 2 and your final paper.  However, if after paper 2, you want to switch to a totally new topic, that is up to you.  About 5-10% of my students do so.

RESOURCES.  I HIGHLY recommend you spend time with each.

  1. Special area in research by subject. Check all four tabs on the side (in blue).
  2. Google scholar. You can do advanced searches as well as cited article searches.  Click on little arrow in search box to get to advanced.
  3. Online references for philosophy, ethics.
  4. Extra yummy, good resources I made for this class. There are several varieties.
  5. Lists of works I collected within Worldcat, our catalogue of books, videos and so on.
  6. Past paper 2s.  You can explore them on blogs listed here.  I also listed SOME noteworthy ones.

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