Mr. Mycoskie will see you now

The CEO that I chose to focus on is Blake Mycoskie from TOMS shoes. I know that this is a very cliché answer and TOMS has been the innovator of corporate social responsibilities for years. He is originally from Arlington Texas and he has a vast history of being an entrepreneur. He started five businesses that were all successful before he started TOMS shoes. The first of which was a laundry business that he started after he dropped out of college his sophomore year. This laundry business turned into a hit that ended up generating close to $1 million dollars in sales, makes me wonder why I am still in college… He went on to start 4 more successful business that ended up being bought. The inspiration for TOMS shoes came from a trip Mr. Mycoskie took to Argentina in 2006 where he realized how hard life was for the children that did not have shoes. He then came up with the idea to start a for-profit business that provided shoes for people in need. This business would be revolutionary because it would be completely self-sustaining and not reliant on donations.

The business expanded rapidly as people caught wind of this fascinating idea. Over the course of the next 5 years the company was exceeding expectations and giving shoes to many people in need. Mycoskie noticed that shoes were not the only thing that people needed and he started providing the same sort of “one-for-one” policy as they had with shoes. They have taken many different approaches and no longer just provide shoes for people. They also do sight, clean water, and safer births. These have substantial impacts on the countries and poverty stricken people that they serve. These 4 missions are accomplished through the selling of 4 products, shoes, glasses, coffee and bags. The values that Blake has instilled in the company from day one have been steadily grown and developed into a great corporate social responsibility as well as turning a profit. This aspect is really what I admire most about Blake Mycoskie. He clearly has a gift for having creative business ideas and executing them in the marketplace. He used his “superpower” for good and not evil. It is very rare that a person in today’s society, that has the business sense and talent that Mr. Mycoskie does, to do something good for more people than just himself.

I have always been curious about a company like TOMS. I have never bought their products but I had a general feel for how they ran their company. After looking more into the CEO and the company I am greatly impressed and will strongly consider buying their products.

All information was found on the very helpful TOMS website

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2 thoughts on “Mr. Mycoskie will see you now

  1. Many companies who start off with charitable activities as a main part of their business activities eventually limit that charitable aspect once the company becomes more successful, receives more profits, and tries to expand. Blake Mycoskie and TOMS did the opposite – even after they’ve grown so much through the years, they continue to find way to help those that they wanted to help when the company was founded, and I think that is a great value that Mycoskie brings to the table.


  2. TOMS is an excellent example of how a for profit business model can be effectively implemented to achieve both financial success and aide to other stakeholder groups. It will be interesting to see if TOMS maintains consistent growth throughout the coming years or if it was just sort of a fad. I dont know all that much about the company, so Im not the best candidate to be making claims about their future success. However, after reading your post I think it is important that the company begins to invest in other charitable and product ventures, to ensure continued growth. Mycoskie is an true social entrepreneur and I think that the core values that motivated him (helping poor communities etc.) are displayed in TOMS business model and operations.


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