Blog Council Report- Who do you choose For Your Apocalypse

Hi Everyone!

Great job with the blog post this week! This was a fun way for you to think about the class material and include your creative writing talent. You guys all proved to be excellent creative writers as there was a wide variety of apocalyptic worlds. It was cool to see how everyone approached the way they would deal with an apocalypse and what kind of disaster would occur. You all also incorporated readings and class material well into your apocalypse setting.

Creativity is a great thing to keep up in future blog post, don’t be afraid to fully detail your point of view.


Most likely to be Published (Best Blog): Brady Wargofchik The Superintelligence Takeover 

Most Likely to be an Editor (Best Title): Frank Henry Find Nirvana in an Apocalypse 

Most Likely to be a News reporter ( Most likely this apocalypse could happen): Spencer Smith If Trump Becomes President 

Most Likely to be Interviewed (Most interesting topic): West Shepherd Highest Value: Problem Solving and Mental Stimulation 

Team that is Most Likely Going to Survive: Brady, Jacob, Josiah, Ben S. 

Most Likely could turn into a Screenplay: Jacob Hannah The Walking Debt 




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