Finding Nirvana in Apocalypse

One of my biggest fears is to wake up and find that everyone has vanished from the world except for myself. However, to ensure extreme anarchy, in this apocalypse, only one-fourth of people on the earth vanish. So every single person left on the earth will have lost someone and no one knows why this happened. In this situation, people are going to try to find a reason and will have questions that will never be answered. And when humanity loses sight of reason people no longer know how to move forward. This apocalypse is slightly based off of the HBO show Leftovers, which I would highly recommend.

The classmate that I would want to endure this apocalypse with is Josiah. I am in two classes with Josiah and I have learned that he has an extremely different point of view than I do (not in a bad way). He would be able to challenge my beliefs and I would be able to challenge his. It seems as though he is a very philosophical person based on this answers in MGMT 302 and 303, which both focus on applying ethics to modern day struggles. It also seems as though Josiah reads a lot based on the outside information that he brings to each of our classes, so I would assume that he knows a lot about religion, which I am sure would be taken into question during this apocalypse. Based on these interactions with Josiah I will be bringing him with me into this world of leftovers.

I considered bringing a philosopher with me to this apocalypse, however, since we will never receive an answer as to what happened to the people who vanished, I feel like the philosopher will just get annoying. So I want to bring Muhammad Yunus the founder of the Grameen Bank. He endured a harsh childhood facing the wars and divide of Bangladesh. However, he prevailed and did well in school, left and went to a College in Pakistan, and later studied at more prestigious Universities. He then saw a problem in Africa, approached it from a completely different direction than everyone else and believed in himself. After being denied dozens of times, he created his own bank to give people loans in Africa and within a few years his bank grew tenfold. Based on his past and establishment of Grameen Bank, I can conclude that he his persistent, caring, and does not let obstacles get in the way of what he believes in. So in order to find a way to move forward in the apocalyptic world I have created I want Muhammad Yunus to be with me.

Finally, for my last person, I want to bring Dave Grohl the former drummer of Nirvana and founder/lead singer of the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl was not the original drummer for Nirvana and in fact lived on the other side of the country than Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, the founding members of Nirvana. Grohl heard about Nirvana and worked extremely hard to get an audition and try out to be a part of the band. Obviously, he got the part and for 4 years he played the drums for Nirvana during its most successful and notable years. The band ended due to Kurt Cobain’s suicide death which shocked the band and the entire world. Dave Grohl, however, was able to move on after the end of Nirvana and the loss of a good friend. He founded the Foo Fighters as a one man band, in which he recorded songs by playing every instrument separately. The Foo Fighters today, as a full band, are just as if not more successful than Nirvana. Dave Grohl is one of the most respected people in rock and roll. My reasoning for bringing Grohl is because he is someone who has faced the loss of a friend and a life a fame and was able to move forward and become successful regardless. Grohl would be able to see this apocalypse, deal with the repercussions, and find a sensible way to move forward and do great things. He’s also an awesome dude and one of my role models so I want to get to know him, so he’s coming with me as well.

This team would be unstoppable.


8 thoughts on “Finding Nirvana in Apocalypse

  1. I love the Leftovers, it is interesting how deep the effects of the departure run in the show when only 2% of the population disappears; it would be interesting to see how much more devastating losing a quarter of the world’s population would be. World leaders in business and politics would vanish and new born children would be deserted without parents. The theme of the show has the survivors working to band together for support as well as to try to understand the tumultuous events that have ensued. It seems that you have chosen your team based on their abilities to garner a following and positively impact a community so in that regard I think you have a chosen the perfect team.

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  2. I love how you were the only person who incorporated an music artist in your team. You have touched on one of the points that I did not think about in my post, which is being alone. Music will certainly make you feel better, however, I am not sure how good it would be to have a drummer without a group. Do you plan on singing yourself?


  3. If you loose 1/4th of humanity, what does that do? Do systems break down and stop working?

    Do economies grind to a halt? Is it more apocalyptic.

    Under the “survival is not enough” banner, having Grohl for his musical abilities might also be helpful.


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