Two’s A Crowd, But Three’s A Party

As my eyes slowly open into an unfocused world, it is apparent nothing is or will be the same as before. Its like I’m dreaming of something from another world, but it’s clearly not; my head really f#^king hurts. Most of the Earth had been scorched by a large solar flare that when coupled with global warming has made just about everything on “The Green Planet” into what seems like the heart of the Saharan Desert. I’m sure there’s water somewhere in this world, but I don’t think its anywhere near here, or so it seems. I stumbled through the desert, climbing one sand dune just to slide down the otherside and find, yet another, sand dune awaiting my presence. After some extended period of time, it feels like the sun never actually goes away, the small group I assembled including myself find ourselves at the gate of a small city being formed with a nearby oasis in its borders. The guards dressed in traditional desert garb, holding Ak-47 and AR15 assault rifles usher us to the window and a man yells for any sort of identification we may have on us.

Milton Friedman was one of the first people I encountered on the journey through the desert. I found him roasting a large lizard over a nice sized fire. I thought this guy was dead but apparently not. I chose to keep Milton around because of his attitude. He wanted one thing and one thing only, to survive. He mentioned how he wrote this thing about profit maximization which is all good, but he definately did not care what happened or how it happened as long as he was alive at the end of it. He’s maximizing his own life over everything else around him. And yes, of course this can be problematic. People with an attitude like that can leave someone for dead in an instant, but sometimes the desire for personal gain can benefit those around him regardless of who he was doing for. He’s the one who builds all the fires and finds a lot of the food simply because he wants them for himself. I just happened to mooch some of the benefit off of them as well. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer someone once said. He mumbled something at the guy in the window like a grumpy old man and they eventually let him through the gate.

Milton Friedman, Age: 104, Profession: Economist

Josiah Hannah was a guy I found some distance from my own starting point. He seemed to have a lot of it figured out. Josiah had a little camp set up for himself with some random brush debris from the past world and this nifty irrigation pit that had water in it from the ground every 12 hours or so. I don’t really know why he decided to stick with me and Milton. Maybe it was his desire to learn more and challenge himself even in the harsh world we now inhabited. Regardless, I was happy to have him. he travelled with us for quite some time always offering sound, rational advice. He was a good presence to have aorund with us since Milton was just complaining about the heat the entire time. Josiah had good problem solving skills and adapted very well to changing environments and situations. Picture: None Recorded, Age: Young, Profession: Unknown. Despite this lack of information he managed to get the guy in the window to let him in. I even saw a smile crack at some point in the conversation.

And the last one to come stumbling to, what seemed like the gates of paradise, was a good friend of mine who I had lost, and then found again, Captain Jack Sparrow. Now I know what you’re thinking, “He’s going to drink all the rum by himself!” And I thought the same thing. However, if there is ever a person who has managed to stay alive for as long as he has, even in ridiculous fashion, I’d like to have him on my team. Sword fighting skills, knowledge of the outdoors, even if it is on land rather than water, great personality, looks like Johnny Depp, can talk his way out of situations, loves proving doubters wrong, and a whole-hearted person, even if its shown in a different way. All of that makes him someone I can see myself surviving with. Those are qualities I saw first hand be useful out in the desert as he accidentally fell through a loose pit of sand to find a decently preserved water well. The guy in the window wanted to no part of him and decided to have the guards remove him. Now Milton, Josiah and I were already in so I just kind of thought, “Well that’s the last of him I suppose…” That was until i saw him flying from a rope on a guard tower yelling at us to run. Moving on to the next stop I suppose.

Capt. Jack Sparrow, Age: Unknown, Profession: Hilariously Bad, yet Effective Pirate

Featured Image: The Saharan Desert



11 thoughts on “Two’s A Crowd, But Three’s A Party

  1. Hahaha, well this particular three would certainly be a party.
    What happens if I ask you to choose between me and Jack? I’m not a fan of being swindled, Ben, not a fan. I could see all of use trying to fight him in different ways for different reasons.

    He would try to turn us against each other in some ridiculously long trek/fight scene.

    Over Milton’s lizard.

    All in good sport until we collapse from heat stroke.


  2. Your post ended up somewhat of a cliffhanger and definitely accurately portrayed my image of Jack Sparrow. I like the way you incorporated Friedman into this but can’t help but think – if he’s only interested in saving himself and maximizing the profits for himself, would he be willing to let you mooch off of him?


    1. I don’t think it’s so much him allowing me to do so as it is myself allowing it to happen. But hey, I could of obviously be wrong.


    2. Friedman is a proponent of Laissez-faire, meaning that his effort towards self-enlightenment and sustenance, uninterrupted, will provide benefit to greater society as a whole. Friedman allows Ben’s natural inclination to mooch off of him as Friedman knows that this is an expected result of his actions to better himself, which will in turn better Ben.


  3. Solar flares, man… it’s confirmed now that two people have blogged it. I like the Yin Yang balance you have with Milton’s serf-preservation and Josiah’s selflessness, it’s a good balance to analyze all hard decisions to come. I could see how Jack Sparrow would bring a lot to the group with his jar of dirt as well…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This seems like an all-around all-star group when seeking survival. A world suffering from solar flare would be completely different from the one we live in today, but Captain Jack Sparrow would certainly be able to find a way to get your group out of any situation. In a situation where you need to look out for yourselves too, Milton was not a bad choice at all either. And of course, the rational advice from Josiah is key when the going gets tough.


  5. Really enjoyable read! I think that Friedman is an interesting choice. His perspective on maximization definitely could be beneficial in a post-apocalyptic world. With dwindling resources, maximizing returns plays an extremely important role in survival. However, Josiah brings up an interesting point on trust-levels. As long as Friedman is in it to maximize benefit for group as a whole and is not just focused on his own self-interest, he would be a great asset to the team dynamic.


  6. With Captain Jack Sparrow you can’t go wrong! Just beware of his betrayal, he may be too focused on his own interests as we have seen in many of his appearances. Watch out!


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