The “Superintelligence” Takeover

I firmly believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and the notion of a “superintelligent” machine have the potential to pose serious existential threats to the human race. Many seem committed to exploring AI without fully considering the consequences and implications such a machine could pose. If our desire is to create a machine that equals or even exceeds human intelligence, why would we expect these machines to not exhibit the same selfish desires that we do? In other words, what happens when the superintelligent machine stops following the commands of its creator (inevitably, us) and begins to act in its own best interests? Surely, we could all be doomed.

The scenario is this: a superintelligent machine has been inadvertently created somewhere in a lab in Korea. Unbeknownst to the engineers on the product, a machine was created whose intellect and intelligence mimicked that of the human intelligence, but with zero imperfections. Incredibly, this machine was able to replicate its own superintelligent capabilities in other robots. Given the rapid speed of technological development, the human mind lacks far behind in the mental capabilities of these new machines. They are entirely unpredictable; we dont know what weapons or method of destruction they could implement. Now, these machines are most the intelligent beings on earth, leaving the human race as nothing but prey.

From the readings, I would select Milton Friedman to join my team to defeat this AI takeover. Why? He is one of the most brilliant and well-respected economists of recent memory. Possessing an incomparable intellect and wit, Friedman was an unapologetic defender of capitalism and free enterprise. I am certain that his intellectual abilities, problem solving skills, and superb oratory and debate skills would make Friedman a vital asset on this survival team.

From our class, I would select Lexi. We have worked together throughout our time at Bucknell and I am confident that she is loyal and trustworthy, valuable qualities to survival team. She is a hard worker who is able to remain calm in stressful situations. In attempting to rid ourselves of this unforeseen AI takeover, I believe that Lexi, Friedman, and I would make a strong, innovative, and advanced team, able to leverage the unmatchable biologies abilities of the human intellect to exploit technology’s flaws.

Finally, I would select Professor Santanen, as AI is a topic that he knows a lot about. We discussed AI throughout the technological organization and he and I share similar viewpoints on the existential threat such machines could eventually create. He is incredibly smart, advanced in detailed specifics of technological devices, and able to think on his feet. I know that he would provide a valuable addition to our team in the fight against AI.

In selecting this team, I have focused primary on intelligence, creative, and problem solving abilities as I believe these are the skills most applicable to defeating a possible AI revolution.



14 thoughts on “The “Superintelligence” Takeover

  1. Sounds like a team that I would want to be a part of. I don’t know Professor Santanen, but it sounds like he knows a bit about AI. If you’re thinking about the Prof. maybe consider looking at a crazy futurist Google guy named Ray Kurzweil. He’s seriously out of his mind but he’s also awesome and fun to read about.


    1. Thanks for the response, West. I looked this guy up…not sure whether to tell if he is crazy smart or just crazy. They say theres a fine line between genius and insane. Regardless, I think that some of his proposals are legitimate–although we may not have fully reached the point of singularity, the gap is lessening and it is probable that singularity will [soon] occur.

      Ill have to read more about it before making a final judgement…


  2. The idea of robots is a double edged sword to me. On one hand they could make our lives easy and could potentially become our servants. On the other hand they could develop minds of their own and destroy us. It’s a scary thought that actually has some bearing to it. I saw a video on Facebook the other day about a new human like robot that has the ability to learn over time. Scary stuff.


  3. Thanks for choosing me Brady! I think our four-person team could definitely solve all problems thrown at us based on our expertise and unwavering intelligence. I also enjoyed reading about this apocalypse, something that might actually translate into a problem in the future; it is definitely scary to think about. Keep your robots close…


  4. I also think choosing Professor Santanen would be a good decision. He constantly talks about how he encrypts his own data. Also he talked about his past experience in programming which could come in handy when you need to reprogram the AI. Finally, he could possibly even try to create some type of bug or virus that could help wipe out the AI and save the world. Overall, it seems like you made a good decision for your team members.


  5. The possibility of an artificial intelligence takeover has always been in the back of mind, especially since we can’t really predict what it would be like if robots become fully autonomous. But, in the end, you cannot go wrong with Professor Santanen. Any team with him would figure out a way to survive and maybe even interact with the AI in order to secure your safety. Professor Santanen surely knows his stuff, and his love for technology would go a long way.


  6. I am interested that you are more focused on finding a solution than survival. Maybe you are very optimistic? You assume food and shelter will be taken care of freeing you, Mitlon, Lexi and Santanen to focus on how to thwart your FrAInkenstein threat.

    You imagine overcoming the apocalypse, it seems. Not saying it is wrong or right, just observing.


  7. I am with Jordi as well, Milton would not have been my first choice in this situation. I think you’re going to need someone with some more experience in technological ethics or who knows how to make some big weapons. Love the idea of adding Santanen to the squad. He knows too much about the treats of AI and could potentially be the guy who could find a way to stop these rogue robots. I would also think about friending one of those robots, one like Sonny from irobot he might be able to help you out.


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