The end is not near its here

We are back from spring break and there is an apocalypse upon us. This type of apocalypse is formed from the pressures of climate change becoming a real thing. Animals have become extinct and water levels deeply increased in some areas and in other areas completely disappeared. Unfortunately the zombie esq destroyers are getting back at Earth’s population for not being more careful about preventing climate change. We are left with limited resources, there is a limited water supply and as well as an intense increase in warm weather. This is a major dilemma considering I cannot survive on my own; fortunately I get to pick my team to survive with me.

I would choose David Orr to be on my team because he can provide the ideas of sustainable civilization. David Orr has studied the effects of living sustainably and what people and companies need to do to live an effective life. David would be helpful in creating a lifestyle that would get in touch with nature and use resources to the best of our ability. He also would be great to talk to and learn about how we can prioritize a game plan of the best material to use for a living situation and how to preserve what we are left with.

I would also Choose Ben Oberfeld because we once survived MGMT 101 together and from that we have an excellent team-working basis. Ben is also always optimistic and would calm everyone down when it became stressful being the only survivors. Ben is a great thinker and can help come up with ideas for survival and how to use resources. Ben is on the basketball team and therefore is team player in anything he does and will get along well with the rest of the group. I am pretty short and Ben is very tall so when it comes to reaching things and building a survival front he will be very much needed.

Lastly I would choose Elon Musk, he is an innovative thinker and can help think of new ways to start a new civilization. He has created Tesla and other sustainable products that we could keep in mind during survival. Only using the resources we have left Elon can think of a good way to make the most beneficial technology. He will get along well with David Orr because they think of business and innovative business very similarly.


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 4.35.41 PM


4 thoughts on “The end is not near its here

  1. I am honored to be a part of your team Margaret! I think that we would have no problems surviving between your brain and wit and my size. We make the perfect team! I also chose David Orr and I think he is the best option for creating a sustainable life and getting in touch with our nature side. This group would have no problems surviving for a very long time.

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  2. What is a “zombie esq destoryer?”

    What proportion of the population would die or be forced to move? Would wealth still matter? Because Musk has that covered too. I wonder at what level of technology you imagine the survivors trying to kick-start society?


  3. Great post Margaret! David Orr would definitely be a great asset to the team dynamic. It is imperative to have someone who understands the importance of sustainability and would be able to conserve resources necessary for survival.


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