Starting Over: The Diary of a Survivor

Day 35 since the flare,

There’s little left that is green now. Sad. Green was a pleasant color. Green meant life. The solar flare crashed through the ozone layer like the weakened, abused shell it was. Popped like bubble gum. As to be expected. Few people are left. My brother Jacob seems to have started a small colony in France – heard something about “Pures” and “Impures” in the last bits of radio contact we had. God knows what that means. God help him. Things hadn’t been the same between us ever since Comas separated us all those years ago. Something cracked. We split. I wish things had been different now..

It’s hard not to be a dismal son of a gun these days when your major was sustainability in college. Ran into someone not long ago that still manages to hope though, and spark some in me as well, so I offered to keep him safe, feed him, and help him plan. He has dreams of rebuilding despite most of the population being gone. Seems far-fetched at times, but he’s used to rebuilding. Economist turned social entrepreneur, he seems to know exactly why people are behaving the way they are – why panic and theft and murder  are turned to rather than order and structure, and he says that if we can only offer the chance, just the chance for a different way, then they will take it. We’re working out a new barter system that will minimize unjust distribution. We came across some literature on distributive justice by Robert Nozick for the library we’re rebuilding, but the man speaks in riddles. We burned it to stay alive. My friend brings hope and an orientation to solve the worlds problems, and I’ll be needing him. He calls himself Muhammad Yunus.

Day 45 since the flare,

Came across a mountain of a man today saving a small group of children from a mutated coyote pack. Tore one of them in half with his bare hands. Ben Schumacher. I barely recognized him from all those years ago, but it’s him, no doubt. He doesn’t remember me, and I’m keeping him at arm’s length for now, but the children he had needed food and Muhammad and I had it (I love this old man. He astonishes me every day with his kindness). If he’s still at all the man I knew then I am lucky to have him. Empathetic, smart, good humored, and intrinsically motivated by more than just his surroundings, he’s a virtuous man. He brings a lot to the table, and we bring the food. Hah. A pun. His good humor is rubbing off on me already. If I can get to Jacob, we may be able to take him together if the stress gets to him. Maybe. I think I can trust him though.

Day 1 since the beginning,

Found Anna Martin, the woman I love. Thank God. She survived by virtue of her resilience, athleticism, and God’s grace. In addition to being strong and trustworthy, she’s an artist and brings inspiration, humanity, beauty to the community we’ve developed. We started a settlement in the south of France after meeting up with Jacob’s group (we found that we had both forgiven Comas, as he helped us to grow), and she is helping us to organize and govern, and is teaching many of the new citizens to garden. There is green again. The green of her incredible eyes and the green of plants bursting from the soil.



6 thoughts on “Starting Over: The Diary of a Survivor

  1. Awesome post Josiah. I love how you made it into a survival diary too, something new. Muhammed is an intresting choice to me. Maybe his unending kindness will eventually catch up to him and hurt himself or the others he’s with?

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    1. I suppose he could, but he’s the type of guy I would want to die with (hopefully live with) if it came to that. Honestly, I feel pretty confident that between you, me and Jacob we could handle a little trouble.

      What I found shocking was the Enron execs being top choices. What the heck.

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  2. I like the creative approach to this blog with the diary format. Schumacher is an excellent choice. I like the scenario with the coyotes as well, it gave me a laugh. I also appreciate that you gave your brother a hard time. That was a really nice way to assert dominance over the sibling.

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  3. I love how we’re like the Marvel and DC universes in our plotlines, so close to being in the same story, but ever so slightly different haha. Loved the prose. Just one thing: make sure to scan your Impures before you bring them in. I especially loved your Hershel character, Muhammad is an awesome dude (if he dies, we’ll protest).


  4. Glad you forgave my wedge action.

    Lovely writing! Burning Nozick’s writings. Very funny.

    Who people pick may reflect in some ways their own deepest-held world views. If you think you need cunning, you take Lay. If you think you need vision, you take Yunnus.


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