Squad UP

The apocalypse is something that has been on the back of everybody’s mind for the last 10 years or so. That is why you keep seeing all of these different apocalypse shows popping up all over television.  Would imagine the apocalypse being something close to a rampant disease that is spread through the air and has been transmitted through airlines all across the globe. The apocalyptic world I am living in is “post-disease” so this means the disease has died off and thrown society into chaos. No rules and an every man for himself society. Only choose people that you think can survive in such a world for your group. The first person I would select from class is probably the other big Ben. Despite the obvious entertainment factor of having him along I believe that he is a resourceful guy and can figure out just about any situation. My prior knowledge of Ben during the Virgin Islands trip we took last summer is that he is very relaxed until he needs to be. He is very good at flipping a switch and being “in the zone”. The only problem we might run into with each other is food, considering we are both fairly large men I think having enough food for the both of us could present a problem. That brings me to my next person in my group.

I believe that David Orr would be a stud in the post-apocalyptic world that Ben and I are living in right now. I say this because as we try and start a new civilization, David Orr will provide us with the guidelines in order to create a sustainable civilization. Plus the bright side of having David along is to test his theories of “The Crisis as the Result of the Urge to Dominate Nature” and “The Crisis as the Result of an Evolutionary Wrong Turn”. Living in a world with no rules would be a great way to “get in touch with nature” as he proposes in the reading we did from last week. He seems like the kind of guy that can see problems before they happen. On another subject the name ‘David Orr’ sounds like the name of a guy that is very small and doesn’t need to eat much of the food that Ben S and I will be eating. He is someone that would be able to spot a problem in a developing system and try to fix it before it becomes too big to handle.

The last person I would bring is Bear Grylls. The most cliché guy to bring on an apocalyptic journey but he would essentially be our survival expert. He knows how to survive in every sort of climate and can help us get the food and water that we need. He would probably be the most valuable member of our group and would be the key for our survival. He seems like a very trustworthy guy that could help during the restructuring of society as well. Overall I think that this group of guys could survive very well for a long time in this post-apocalyptic world. The only problem comes if we need to repopulate the earth…


7 thoughts on “Squad UP

    1. He is just a great option for the job, for me it fell between him or Chuck Norris. However I wanted to have a little bit of a challenge so I went with Bear instead.


  1. Glad to see I would be chosen for the team! I’m sure some of our knowledge on coral reef life and swimming skills will come in handy at some point or another. David Orr is a great choice. His sustainability foundations will for sure be used in survival.

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    1. We would definitely know which coral to touch and not to touch, which would probably be extremely helpful during the apocalypse. I think that you and I would be the leaders of the group because Bear Grylls doesnt know what he is talking about quite like we do.

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  2. Wow Ben, you have quite the team! I almost chose Bear for my “savage animal apocalypse”, but I ended up choosing Katniss Everdeen, but I agree with @shs020, in that Bear is an obvious choice and vital part of your team. Similarly, I loved the sustainability aspect to surviving your post-apocalyptic experience because Orr’s expertise is unique and definitely necessary for your team. Great post, great team…no doubt you four will be successful in surviving this “new world”.


    1. Thanks Lexi! Believe it or not I was close to choosing Katniss too, she has so many traits that could be useful during and after the apocalypse. Living through the apocalypse is more than just surviving, it is our job to rebuild the world in a better and more sustainable way and David Orr is the best person for the job in my opinion!


  3. Dunno. Katniss has a lot of baggage too. And do people around here die at an alarming rate?

    David Orr is a great choice. he would presumably have ideas about how to refashion society more in tune with our own evolutionary nature. Which, by the way, if the evidence is right, would mean that smaller groups living closer to nature would have LESS war and strife, so it would actually be better for the fewer, luckier survivors that you every-person-for-perself scenario.


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