Savage Animal Apocalypse

Setting the scene:

The time: 7:30am. The date: March 21, 2016. The apocalypse: animals infected from a tick-borne illness, causing psychotropic effects which, in turn, causes the animals to become savages. The crew: Myself, Ian Gleckler, Katniss Everdeen, and Ed Freeman. With all wild and domestic animals becoming ill, the greatest threat posed to our team is acquiring and maintaining sufficient resources to withstand the apocalypse, recognizing the dangers lying outside of our shelter (we do not want the animals to infect us). Obtaining a shelter would not be an issue, as we would most likely stay in one of our houses or a shelter suitable for all of our needs. Regarding resources, it is crucial to stock up on all things necessary for survival and remain protected as we venture out of our shelter seeking new resources. Always keeping in mind: these savage animals are harmful and could cause my crew and I to become ill.


Katniss Everdeen: Ah, yes, Katniss. Glorified female heroine and proud tribute for her district, Katniss shows bravery, courage, talent, and empathy in all situations. However, her greatest strengths could also become her greatest weaknesses (her empathy for others in situations might distort her natural reaction to kill savage animals). Naturally, she would volunteer as tribute for many adventures, but she also possesses a unique bow and arrow skill. Katniss would provide our crew with the security and protection needed when facing the dangers outdoors, while killing such savage animals. As far as anything happening inside of our shelter, she could start a fire from scratch to keep us warm and serenade her with her beautiful voice. Not to mention, she can also cook and create natural healing remedies in case we are injured or sick.

Ian Gleckler: Ian is undoubtedly the tallest person I know, and his height provides the team with a unique advantage; he could receive a better vantage point for any harmful animals coming our way. Similarly, his extremely long legs allows for less energy to be expended since his one stride is equal to two of mine. He is a genuinely entertaining guy, so he would provide some comic relief for the group, but Katniss might be tough to win over. He is naturally gifted in accounting and math, so he would provide us the expertise to ration our resources properly over an extended period of time. His wit, knowledge, and height advantage are essential to surviving the savage animal apocalypse.

Ed Freeman: Ed would come along with our crew because he is necessary to help distinguish business and morality, via the separation thesis. Our “business” would be to protect us from harmful or invasive animals outside of our shelter (or potentially inside). Our morals would conflict when we see humans and/or animals being infected by this illness, when our natural tendency to help might not be the best solution. We would need Ed to constantly remind us that responsibility plays no role, and that our actions are required to protect our lives. I do not know Ed personally, but I am sure he might provide additional redeeming qualities necessary for survival.

As a whole, our four-person crew would use knowledge, skills, ethics, and expertise to outsmart savage animals and acquire/maintain necessary resources for survival. Nothing can stop us.


11 thoughts on “Savage Animal Apocalypse

  1. Katniss is a tough sell for me because she’s always looking for the bigger picture. Yes…she’s great at surviving…potentially the best, but I feel like she has the tendency to always rise against the toughest of characters and as a result the people around her get killed…you should watch out.

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  2. I never read the Hunger Games books, but Katniss certainly seems like a good choice from what ive seen in the movies. Ian too…i think you point out a lot of his useful attributes. In working with Ian, I can attest to his ability for comic relief and I think this would come in handy in the event of a tickborn-illness-caused animal zombie apocalypse. I really dont think the idea of this is that far fetched. Rapid animals infect humans all the time and this could potentially become widespread. Keep your pets close…

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  3. Thanks for choosing me Lexi! I’m hoping I can win over Katniss otherwise this is going to be a very long, silent apocalypse, If your featured photo is any indication of what is coming, I’m not sure that I can survive a savage lama apocalypse but thank you for your faith in me!

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  4. @westshepherd, that’s a great observation…I’ll be sure to sleep with one eye open! @bradywargofchik22, I was only basing my choice off of her movie character because I didn’t read the books either. Like West said, she has the tendency to get others killed, and I’m hoping she doesn’t fall in love (we have all seen where that goes). @iag001, I am so glad to have you on my team, and if you don’t necessarily win Katniss over, you always have my humor and witty personality to carry you along.


  5. Loved your post! Like Brady, I’ve never watched/read the Hunger Games but Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence!) does seem like the ideal person to have on the team given her talents and willingness to serve as a body-guard of sorts. I personally immediately thought of e coli. and the dangers of that especially after watching Food Inc, I wonder if anyone else did?


  6. Psychotropic? The animals are hallucinating?

    The biggest problem may be mice, chipmunks, and other rodents adept at getting into our living spaces. The plague was carried by fleas and rats, not big critters like deer, bear, tigers, etc.

    But at least you don’t need to worry about other people being a threat?

    Good math skills. Good point. That might help with planning agriculture too.


  7. Hahaha @westshepherd great point she does have a tendency to live while all of her friends die, a little suspicious. I like the idea of having a girl in the mix, I have all dudes in my team and I am now regretting it. Everyone could use some motherly energy to take the edge off and Katniss, while quite aggressive and deadly, is very caring and empathetic.


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