Just Fábio, Ben, Dr.Z & I.

Spring break is over but with the zombie apocalypse that broke out overnight, my classes tomorrow (…and Wednesday) are the least of my worries. Zombies are racing around the streets and breaking into buildings, desperate to find food and eager to turn as many other individuals into zombies as they can. With their increased strength, the ability to run insanely fast and their single-goal minds (the destruction of the human race), I knew that I would need help if I wanted to survive. With survival on my mind and only enough battery to call three people, I began to consider options that would optimize my chances of survival.

My first call goes to Fábio Rosa, the engineer “with a disarming smile and a precise mind”. With his knowledge of engineering, any idea that is developed by the group would be able to be carried out easily. If he was able to develop a way to expand rural electrification and help thousands of people survive, zombies sure wouldn’t pose as an obstacle …right?

My second call would be to Ben Oberfeld. Being significantly taller than I am (in case we need to gather things beyond my reach or there’s a magic lever way up high that’ll help us escape) and a part of the basketball team (can outrun zombies to reach other buildings that contains things we need to), I know that he’d be someone that I want there to help fend off zombies.

The final member of my team would be Dr. Steven Schlozman, also known as Dr.Z(ombie). A professor and lecturer at Harvard Med and also Hollywood’s expert on zombie neurobiology, Dr.Z would prove as possibly the most valuable member of my group as he’d be the most knowledgeable about the nature of zombies and be able to tell us what we should or shouldn’t do in order to escape unharmed.

With the expertise, physical abilities, and engineering abilities that my group possesses, I believe that we’d be able to find a solution to the zombie apocalypse and rescue not only ourselves, but the human population as well.


3 thoughts on “Just Fábio, Ben, Dr.Z & I.

  1. Glad to see that I made the cut! This sounds like a group that I would be honored to be a part of, Dr. Z is a great call and to be honest I kind of wish that I thought to put him on my team. Fabio is also a great addition and I believe that he would be key in our survival in the post apocalyptic world.


  2. Fabio wasn’t my first choice for the apocalypse but your argument for him makes me want to change my mind. Having an engineer would certainly be useful, and like you mentioned I’m sure he could whip something up to deal with the zombies.


  3. Ha! I didn’t know there was a zombie expert! His usefulness might depend on your zombie type though: biological or supernatural. If they are supernatural, the pope might be more useful.



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