Highest Value: Problem Solving and Mental Stimulation


It’s the day after spring break and there’s an apocalypse. This is no ordinary apocalypse…it will go down in history as the balloon apocalypse. A new toy came out and the inventor was super rich already so he decided to give all of his new inventions out for free. The inventions was a personal hot air balloon. So really, he didn’t invent anything new at all. He really just took something that already existed and made them smaller. Almost every on the planet got their own personal hot air balloon and start flying around. Soon enough, the skies were filled with hot air balloon’s of all designs because people were adding their own personal flare. Every color of hot air balloon imaginable was in the air and flying around. Before long, people starting crashing into each other and people were falling from the sky in their personal hot air balloon. If this was not a problem enough, each hot air balloon also had a design flaw which made them fail after about 15 minutes of flying around. Everyone was falling from the sky and dying. This was the apocalyptic scenario.

The person I would bring from class is Margaret because she is smart, sensible, and seems to make decisions logically. Most of the time, I don’t follow the most logical path of reasoning in my decisions, so it would be good to have a logical person to help make informed decisions that I could trust. Margaret is also a great writer, and it would be fun to work on writing books with her if there were no other people left on Earth. Margaret is also interesting to talk with, and that would be important if there were only a few people left on Earth.

From the readings, I would choose Robert Nozick because he is a famous philosopher. I have read some of his work in the past and think he would be profoundly interesting to talk with at length. Just like Margaret, if I’m going to be spending a lot of time with my power trio, I would want to have stimulating conversations to pass the time and keep my brain sharp. Nozick would probably help with the writing that Margaret and I decided to do as well, since he’s a decent writer.

Thirdly, I would choose Alexis Wolfer. She’s an entrepreneur who started TheBeautyBean.com. I choose her almost randomly. I googled top female entrepreneurs because I thought I’d find some people who are innovative, driven, and fun to be around. Alexis was on some of the top lists of entrepreneurs, and I think she would be very good at solving problems. Her whole brand is also built around health and wellness, so she would help the entire group remain healthy in times of trouble.


8 thoughts on “Highest Value: Problem Solving and Mental Stimulation

  1. West, great post. I am honored to be on on your team, I think we would have great conversation and develop some really good writing. I think being logical can go a long way and practicality is something everyone needs in a situation when making big decisions. I also like your idea of having Alexis Wolfer on the team, she in a way has survived on her own by being a woman entrepreneur in a business world setting. I like how you said “I googled top female entrepreneurs because I thought I’d find some people who are innovative, driven, and fun to be around.” Those are all useful attributes to starting a new civilization and creating a prosperous economy.


  2. Seems like a solid team that you have put together. I like your decision to choose Margaret, and i believe she would be a valuable asset. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone travelled in their own personal hot air balloon. Travel would be slow, id imagine. I think there would also be concerns with air traffic, as your post certainly addresses. I hope we dont experience the hot air balloon apocalypse anytime soon!

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  3. An unprecedented tragedy with the balloons. Wow.. I think that Nozik would certainly be an interesting perspective to have around, I would just have to have him condense everything he says down to succinct language that I don’t have to hear three times to understand. Muhammad Yunus and I actually burned his books in order to stay alive.


  4. I assume in your scenario that everyone has already fallen from their balloons to their ultimate demise. However, if that isn’t the case then I would hope that Margaret, you and Nozick are good a building nets because there would be a pretty hefty demand for those about 15 minutes after each balloons take off. I am curious, what kept you and your team from going for a hot air balloon ride, did someone have a fear of heights?

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