From North Korea with Love

North Korea launches a fierce nuclear strike targeting they enemies. The world enters crisis as World War III ensues. Codes of martial law are ignored as modern technology has enabled North Korea to completely annihilate much of their targets. After years of fighting the war comes to an end but what’s left is a nuclear fallout where there are few survivors, and even less peace. I remained in the United States, somewhere on the east coast. The land has transformed so much that traditional borderlines are unrecognizable. In addition, to scavenging for materials and food for survival, survivors must be weary of areas that have been struck by some of North Korea’s noxious munitions. Individuals effected by these weapons are not killed, but simply develop an appetite for human flesh and blood causing them to run rampant similar to zombies. North Korea won the war and has invaded the US with their troops and with troops of their communist allies. These soldiers are here to kill all the survivors whether effected by gas or not. There is word of safety up north in Canada where much of the important US figures have retreated so our only task is to make it up there alive.

My squad would consist of three individuals who can be recognized for their helpful qualities.

From our class I would choose Jordi. Jordi is clearly well versed in zombie survival in regards to both combat and strategy. These skills are evidenced by his rigorous studies of ‘The Walking Dead’ as well as in his natural sense of leadership and ability to think creatively about a situation. Jordi has studied the North Korean language for over 12 years  and is rumored to have 2 or 3 wives who lived in the countryside of Pyongyang. The mere fact that he has escaped North Korea post marriage serves as evidence to his effective combat abilities. His knowledge of their culture and language could make him a valuable ally in confrontation with North Korean soldiers.

From our readings I would choose Muhammad Yunus, the founder of the Grameen Bank. Muhammad has the ability to see the best in even the worst of people. His ability to sympathize will come in handy when coming into contact with the enemy as we can hope to remedy both of our situations and come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Yunus comes in most handy as we come across desperate survivors. Yunus’ innovative thinking and empathy for others will allow him to help those that we meet on our journey north, in perhaps a more sustainable than others would think of. Lastly, once we reach the safe haven Yunus’ natural leadership can help advise the survivors in a direction that leads to global health and sustainability.

For the character from the outside world I should probably choose someone who is just an all-around leader, warrior and genius. Someone like MacGyver, Indiana Jones, Sean Connery, Chuck Norris, maybe even Kiefer Sutherland. However, if we lost a war to North Korea and they’re coming into America then it’d probably be a pretty depressing life to live. Even if we do make it to Canada safely, I’m not so sure I’d want to even live in that world. So the last person I’d want to have with me would probably be Louis CK just because he’d find something funny about the whole depressing situation, like he does so well with his own life. As a zombie attacks he him may say something like, “your shoe’s untied.” So whether we make it to Canada or die, at least I’d do so laughing.




3 thoughts on “From North Korea with Love

  1. I think Louis C.K. would actually be a good choice and not just for comic relief. If he is anything in real life like his show “Louie”, which I think he is, he manages to find his way out of situations through luck, chance, and minimal skill. I think he would be a good asset for more than just comedy


  2. LOL. I DEFINITELY want to be on Louis CK’s team.

    You, two, are a suck up. 🙂 I may know about the THEORY of zombie survival. But do I have practical skills? Actually, yes, some. Tents, foraging, climbing, white-water paddling, fire-making. I can cover this.

    But I have some really bad knees.

    I love the idea of how Yunnus might help us find innovative ways to organize the survivors for our collective good.

    Still can’t imagine N Korea ever having that kind of technology edge. But, ok. Your apocalypse.


  3. For similar reasons as Yunus, may I suggest the addition of Fabio Rosa to your team? I’d argue he is one of the most innovative personalities that we’ve studied and has a knack for finding solutions to problems where no precedent exists. Could potentially be helpful in creating some form of infrastructure to lengthen your apocalyptic survival or maybe even find innovative solutions to curing the infected.


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