Creating Legends

In my apocalypse, North America has become the landscape of New York City in “I Am Legend.” In this aspect of the story, we won’t be roaming the desolate streets, searching for a cure for the virus caused by the “supposed” cure for cancer. However, in this landscape, night-walkers still prowl when the sun goes down until sunrise, seeking to feed off the flesh of any animal they can find – including humans. Somehow, these night-walkers have managed to wander to the middle of nowhere, as they inhabit Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. Rumors from radio broadcasts inform us that safe haven can be found in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey; inhabitants of the area have successfully held off the onslaught of zombies in the midst of this fallout, and are encouraging any survivors to make their way towards the area. With no working vehicles in the Lewisburg area, I’ll have to assemble an all-star team in order to successfully make it to the safe haven, and we’ll have to do more than just cover our tracks in order to make this voyage a success…

If I am going to have any person in this survival squad, it ought to be someone who has already gone through the process: Will Smith. Sure, I Am Legend may have been a movie, but his character was badass and knew how to get things done. With the experience he brings to the table, Smith is the battle-ready ally I need in case our group gets into any sticky situations. He survived for so long at ground zero, he can surely protect us in this scenario, hide our tracks once sunset comes, and train us throughout the process. His only real weakness was his love for his dog, and we won’t have to worry about Sam getting in the way this time.

The second member of this elusive team comes from our readings: Fabio Rosa. Rosa spent much of his working life enhancing the agriculture behaviors of farmers living in Brazil. Starting at age 22, he worked with unconvinced banks and troublesome energy companies in order to provide quality electricity so that farmers could sustain their farms. Rosa is a wise choice, as he knows how to get things done. In this peculiar apocalypse, we need someone who can do the dirty work when needed, and to take charge if the going gets tough. Electricity and agriculture seem to be his specialties, so he can help sustain our group if we need to take any extended stops. No matter how many setbacks there are, Rosa won’t allow the group to stop working towards arriving at this safe haven. In addition to all of this, Rosa is easygoing and affable, some qualities that any group would need if we want to keep our sanities throughout this process.

To round out the lineup from our class, there is only one person I can think of who will help us survive in this apocalyptic world: Dan Corotti. Or should I say Dan “Karate”. With a name like that, there is no doubt that Dan will have the skills in battle to fend off any incoming night-walkers if the situation arises. We all know the friendly and good-hearted personality that Dan brings to the table, both underrated qualities in this scenario. And when it comes down to it, his martial art talents will be the saving grace for this group as we enter through the doors to the safe haven in the Pine Barrens.


5 thoughts on “Creating Legends

  1. The I am Legend scenario is an interesting one. Those monsters/mutants were pretty scary. Will Smith isn’t the character he portrayed in the film, but he’s a pretty fit person and he seems intelligent enough. Good call there. Martial arts; nice. Can’t go wrong with that skill. Fabio rosa is a good one as well. Agriculture is underrated in these scenarios.


    1. Not sure I’d want to be in a scenario where I’d be surrounded by those mutants either, once they had a leader they were pretty difficult to stop. Then again, the skills that Dan brings to the table would go a long way in helping us in our search for survival.


  2. Does Dan know Karate? I think you are right that interpersonal qualities that help the team can be overlooked.

    If everyone within 250 miles of South NJ knows it is a safe haven, will they not ALL converge on it?

    I am not sure you want to go where everyone else is, especially if your adversary is hunting you.


  3. Hey! Thanks for getting me in the group. Won’t disappoint! Even though I do not know Karate, I have learned Judo and was also in the Spanish team for Fencing in many European Cups. I think that should help! Also, given the good chemistry that you I and Will Smith have – remember yesterday night’s cocktails at the Bull Run???- we will always take care of each other and kill many many zombies.


  4. I think Rosa is a great addition to any group, I chose a social entrepreneur as well because they are persistent people who have proven to prevail under difficult circumstances. Rosa will be able to push the group and motivate everyone to get to the destination. Like Spencer, I hope Will Smith is just as much of a badass as he was in I Am Legend to keep everyone out of harms way.


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