Beginning of the End

As spring break comes to a close and all the college socialites return from their non-parentally advised trips with killer tans. Unbeknownst to them, in light of increasing globalization and traversing the globe, everyone’s worst fears have finally come to full fruition— a global pandemic has wiped out half of the Earth’s population. Resources are dwindling, shelters free from contamination is limited, and panic mode has set in. Knowing that I couldn’t survive the world’s potential demise alone, I decide it was time to call in some backup help.

In order to combat the apocalyptic world, I would call upon Immanuel Kant to join us few dwindling survivors. Why you may ask? In a time where self-interest and individual survival seems to be the most pressing task at hand, it could be easy to lose sight of morals without anyone around to enforce them. As the remaining few left in a world in which there is no more enforcement to the rules and duties are so used to living by, the presence of Kant would be pertinent in maintaining human reason and striking a balance between survival mode and moral obligations. Just because the world has entered into an apocalypse doesn’t mean we have the right to leave our deontological morals at the door, right?

From within the class, I would choose Margaret due to the fact that we have worked together in the past and work together well. As a sustainability major, she would make sure that we strategically conserve our resources and would make sure we are using the land we have left properly/ efficiently. She has an extremely positive outlook on life and would provide that calming presence needed in a time of crisis.

As for who I would recruit outside of both the class and our readings to survive this apocalypse, I think Indiana Jones would be an excellent and strong addition to the team. While it may seem that he reacts impulsively when it comes to problem solving, he always seems to have the best solutions. The over analytical person that I am, I think that Indiana Jones would best balance out the team with his quick-witted and risk taking ways. Daring and smart, he is an amazing escape artist and sharp on his feet. While Margaret, Kant and I aren’t fully equipped to defend off zombies, the plan is to leave that job for Indiana Jones.


3 thoughts on “Beginning of the End

  1. Morgan, thank you I am honored to be on your team! Hopefully I fulfill my duties and react calmly because I always think under pressure I would be a fight person rather than a flight. I enjoyed your reasoning behind Indiana Jones, someone that has experience and can teach you, myself and Kant to be adventurers. I think risk taking is a great aspect to have when trying to survive and fight.


  2. Interesting choices Morgan. I definitely like your reasoning behind Kant – morals could easily be removed from the picture in this apocalyptic picture, but Kant would help bring them back to the forefront. Not only would your group need to survive, but you would need to do it in a moral manner that doesn’t hurt the possibility of survival for others, and Kant would be very important for that.


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