Bear Grylls is a false hope!!

If I returned to Bucknell after spring break and witnessed an apocalypse, I would expect it to occur from a thermonuclear war. The issue with the current state of political relationships between many of the biggest superpowers is the amount of distrust. Furthermore, with the ability of hackers to infiltrate some of the best-protected parts of government, I could see it as a reality. The Cold War is a perfect example of the world having to deal with the affects of a nuclear holocaust. Or even a terrorist group could take control of a launch site where they could fire a long-range missile from an American or even Russian sit. These are the two strongest nuclear arsenals in the world and would force the allies of both of the countries to react. The result would be the killing of billions of people, but mainly the people living in cities. The people living outside in more rural and agricultural areas would have a better chance of surviving because their area would be less densely populated enough for an attack. As a result, Lewisburg would probably be saved and my team and I would be able to attempt to return the Earth to its former glory.

The first person I would take is Bill Drayton, the founder of Ashoka. The reason for taking him is that he has a diverse background of working for the EPA, McKinsey & Company, having gone to Yale Law School, and finally founding Ashoka. He would be able to use his knowledge of the environment to first assess the damage that would have occurred. He could find out the areas that would have been affected and the number of casualties. Next, he could use his understanding of managing and connecting with people, to find a group of survivors. Even if all modes of communication would have been destroyed, we could still find a local group. He is an expert negotiator and leader, and could help the survivors rebuild society.

The student from our class that I would take is West Shepherd. There are a couple of reasons why, but the first is that he could use his building skills to help fix machines and houses. Furthermore, West cares a lot about nutrition and in the apocalyptic world we would need someone to help our group stay healthy. The final reason why I would choose West is because he is always in very good shape. He doesn’t only care about nutrition, but also about his physical health. When the physical stress of the apocalyptic world becomes difficult, you need a group of people that know how to deal with physical pain and suffering.

The final member of our group would be Les Stroud, the star of the show Survivorman. Instead of being a fraud like Bear Grylls, who had cameramen that would give him food when he was hungry, Les Stroud would go out alone, without a cameraman or food. He was able to survive in extreme conditions and use his experience to find rescue. What is amazing about his show is that he is able to get some amazing shots of himself, which forces himself to walk all the way back to the camera. Even though his show may not be as popular as Man vs. Wild he makes up for it by not lying to the viewers. There have been a few articles that question some of the episodes of Survivorman, but I personally respect him more than Bear Grylls.


6 thoughts on “Bear Grylls is a false hope!!

    1. It is not blasphemy if it is true. He made be skilled at creating good content, but I wouldn’t trust him with my life during an apocalypse. The sad thing is that I used to be a huge fan of his show, but lost a lot respect for him when it came out that he had his cameramen give him food. I would have him on my team if we were making a apocalypse movie and we needed a god celebrity for the show.


      1. Ha. I watched this show like once with my kids. And as someone with some wilderness skills, I thought he was ridiculous. He was in the outback, alone, supposedly, And he climbed a like 5.3 large boulder (20 ft high?) to get a better view. SO STUPID. If you were really alone like that, you should not take such a risk! A broken ankle or leg and you are a goner.


  1. ” The Cold War is a perfect example of the world having to deal with the affects of a nuclear holocaust”

    Was there a nuclear war I don’t remember? I think you mean dealing with the FEAR of a nuclear holocaust. And I can remember being in 6th grade and thinking about how our location, near a nuclear weapons facility, would mean we would die immediately.

    However, more than ISIS or Islamic terrorism, or other groups targeting civilians, I am more worried about regional instability such as around Pakistan, the Middle East, North Korea, China, or Russia and nuclear weapons in those scenarios. And, as you add, the proliferation of both fissile materials, hacking, AND global criminal networks adds more worry. Maybe the Cold War will end up being a period of LOW probability of nuclear attacks.

    <a href="; This story about US nuclear officers cheating and other problems, like drinking on duty, will not make you sleep any easier.


  2. I think you make some great points. Unlike a zombie invasion, there is a real chance that the United States’ defense systems could be compromised by a cyber attack. If you assembled your team before the incident, what steps could you take in preventing the attack? Should the public/private sectors do anything to “step up their game” in order to make sure this type of thing never happens? Does Apple’s situation regarding privacy and the encryption of data provide you with any closure that systematic cyber crime is unlikely? If the government can’t decrypt an iPhone, what does that say about their ability to maintain its own security systems? I don’t have the answers to these, just thinking out loud.


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