Blog Council Report – Applying Ethics

Hey everyone! Ready for Spring Break? We are!

As a whole, it was impressive to see the application of different ethical schools of thought to a wide range of different corporations/apps/people/ideas and continually more interesting to see all the different perspectives that everyone has in response to the posts. It’s interesting to see the different ethical perspectives being used on various topics, because it all seemed to boil down to one idea – there is no clear right or wrong answer. What ethics does for us as students and future decision makers in any form of career is, it gives a method for us to explain and explore our ideas through mediums that others can understand free of emotion. It is obvious some of the companies and ideas could maybe use some more ethical thinking in the near future.

Although there have been many strong posts, going forward, we’d like to see stronger posts that go beyond just the surface level of issues and more in depth about why we take the perspectives that we do – keep up the great work!

With that, below is the list of our weekly award winners. Stay tuned for the next prompt and start thinking about who you’d want to have your back!

– Ben & Mona


Most Likely to be Interviewed (Most interesting topic): Fame and the Question of Ethical Intent – Josiah Hannah

Most Likely to be an Editor (Best Title): Would Kant Use Yik Yak ? – Frank Henry

Most Likely to Run the World (Best Blog): Sows: Solitary Confinement<Prison Yard –

West Shepherd

Most Likely to be in an Ethics Textbook: Self-Driving Cars: License to Kill  -Dan Corotti

Most Likely to Be Published (Reader’s Choice): The Art of the (Short) Sale – Ben Schumacher


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