Prompt 6-Applying Ethics

Choose a company, a person, an industry, even an app or an idea (ex. high frequency trading, Waze, campaign contributions, governmental policies, etc.). Think about how various schools of ethics we have discussed ties into your idea—deontology, consequentialism, virtue ethics, etc. You can discuss a current issue in the news, a historical event, or an entire business model, but try to be specific.

Use ethical theories and describe in detail how they relate to the situation you are analyzing. It may be interesting to consider how different ethical frameworks can lead to different conclusions as to what constitutes a “moral act.”

I encourage you all to use external sources, but more legitimate ones — go deeper than a magazine article, try to find scholarly and published reports.

Questions to think about:

  • What is the relationship between business and ethics? Think of the Separation Thesis we discussed earlier in the class.
  • You may discuss companies previously mentioned, as long as you are introducing new material drawing on the ethical ideas.
  • Is one ethical theory universally more applicable to the realm of business than another? If so, why?
  • If you use one of the resources below to find a story or example, please let us know.

Be creative. Think deeply. Ethics is about removing emotion and thinking about the logic and rationale behind the decision-making. This is the purpose of this week’s blog—what changes when ethics is considered and why?

-Brady & Lexi



Some additional resources.

The Ethicist blog.

CasePlace: Cases and other news about ethics or business & society

My Flipboard magazine on Business Ethics:

View my Flipboard Magazine.

On Organizations in general (including cryptocurrencies, sex work, and labor conflict!)

View my Flipboard Magazine.


My Bookmarks tagged “ethics”.<a


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