Blog Council Report-Beinnovative

Hello fellow bloggers! Here is the most recent blog council report for the last prompt, “BeInnovative.” Overall, you did an excellent job of identifying a wide variety of social issues—from air pollution and intellectual property protection to income inequality and diabetes—and proposing legitimate business solutions to these issues. It’s interesting to see the vast array of social problems we are all passionate about; we too, could become social entrepreneurs ourselves. As many of the posts and comment suggest, the answer as to whether a business model can be effectively implemented to solve a social issue is clearly “yes.” Throughout this week’s blog, the class did well with providing differing perspectives and views on the causes of these social issues and how best to solve them. This provided for some fruitful debate with substantive and thoughtful comments. One of the main objectives of the prompt was to avoid using any external research, and overall this was achieved nicely.

Below are some achievements for this past week’s blog. Congratulations to all the winners.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next prompt. We will be shifting the discussion to focus on various ethical theories, and their relevance and influence in modern day business decisions.

Most Interesting Social Issue-Ben Schumacher

Blog’s Most Famous Character- Elon Musk 

Post of the week- Ryan

Best Business Solutions-Jacob

Best Title/Use of Imagery-Mona

Most Passionate Post-Josiah

-Brady & Lexi


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