Friendress the World

The world is filled with people in need of clothing. And everyone can think of clothing that they own that they never wear. People always have that bin in their basement filled with old clothes that never get used. It seems like there must be a way to create a network to help people donate their clothing on a grander scale. Helping dress the people of the world is the social mission of my company Friendress.

So how are we going to create a network of people willing to donate their clothes? We’re not. What we’re doing is creating an online infrastructure (web and mobile) around a sharing network that already exists. People, especially college women, share their clothes with one another on a regular basis. One of the only things holding them back from sharing more is that they don’t know what their friends are willing to lend out. With Friendress, users can create virtual closets and join the closet sharing community. Users can request to borrow their friends’ clothes through our application and gain access to a seemingly infinite closet.

With all of these friends connected on one platform, Friendress will leverage this network to host clothing drives on campuses nationwide. Our company promotes the sharing economy versus an economy of consumer abundance. Minimalism is the new vogue. We want our users to be as passionate about dressing the world as we are. By leveraging the power of web and mobile platform, we can create a close community of fashion-minded individuals passionate about helping dress the world.

Our mobile application is in development, but our website has basic functionality. Our vision is to grow a massive community dedicated to dressing the world.


2 thoughts on “Friendress the World

  1. West, I really like your idea for friendress, I definitely see this kind of relationship between students across campus. I think it is definitely one thing to loan clothes to your friends and another to donate them entirely. With that being said, this business could spark numerous changes in the way that we purchase and share clothing. I am curious what sort of clothing drives that you will target as well as what areas are most effected by this social issue. In addition, I like its application to campus life for those who are just looking to borrow new clothes. I am not sure how that specific feature is addressing a social issue but I think I can definitely imagine its popularity on a campus like Bucknell’s.


  2. Hey West, big fan of the needs that Friendress solves; however, I see a problem when it comes to the part of the population that the company will be able to target. As a guy, I do not think I would be willing to continuously give out my clothes or wear other guy’s clothes in a normal basis. Due to this, I would argue that this is mostly marketed to the female population. What about to us men?


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