We Musk Fight Air Pollution

I believe that a majority of the social issues today could be solved or at least attempt to be solved by any social entrepreneur or business. Muhammad Yunus is a great example of a person who saw a problem, searched for a solution, and once found, he created a bank that helped fight poverty on nearly 30 developing countries. There are many social issues that I could choose to talk about, but due to my interest in the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal I will talk about air pollution. I am not entirely sure of the statistics, but it is without a doubt that pollution has negatively affected society and the environment primarily since the industrial revolution. Most of the air pollution is produced from the transportation industry and until the National Air Act and several other restrictive pollution laws were put in place there was no effort to regulate the amount of emissions vehicles produced. Car companies wanted to produce high performance vehicles to generate more sales and earn more money. Other companies used and still use large trucks to transport goods across the country. Only until recently, have we pressured these companies to regulate the amount of air pollution they create.

Now obviously there are several organizations, mostly through the government, that combat air pollution and regulate companies that produce large amounts of toxic emissions, like the Environmental Protection Agency. However, I would like to see the companies that contribute to air pollution to make changes themselves rather than at the command of the government. In recent years we have seen the emergence of new technology and companies that help to reduce air pollution. The first person and company that comes to mind in this realm is Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla Motors and SolarCity. Elon Musk has proven his concern for the environment through his several endeavors in solar power and electronic transportation. He has devoted his life to perfect a strategy to preserve the world by creating new technology that fights pollution. I recently did a large presentation about Tesla Motors and Elon Musk’s ambitions and vision for the future. He has developed Tesla to be a world renowned company that offers vehicles that do no pollute the air.

It has taken the company some time to find its niche. At first Telsa was not very successful due to a lack of charging stations, social stigma towards electric vehicles, and price. However, Tesla has solved most of these problems by setting up hundred of charging stations across North America and Europe and creating trendy high performance vehicles ranging from $30,000 to $120,000 dollars. Musk invests all of his focus to the stakeholders. He is not a profit driven CEO, he is rather driven by the issues of pollution. This is made obvious in his decision to relinquish the Telsa vehicles patens to all major transportation companies in the world. He wants everyone to participate in his effort to reduce pollution. Obviously, he must keep his shareholders in mind as well because he wants his business to be successful, but only so it can make the world a cleaner place. Tesla has faced some financial issues and often people wonder if the company will be financially successful. However, like Muhammad Yunus, Musk’s concerns are mostly focused on the cause the problems he wishes to fix. He continues to create new technology that reduce the amount of pollution on our planet. With more ambition, smart, and innovative people like him we will become a better society that will thrive on this planet.


3 thoughts on “We Musk Fight Air Pollution

  1. Great post Frank…its great to focus on some more of the positives concerning Musk’s companies as opposed to the previous couple of blogs. I hinted at many of the same points you raised here in my comments on these past posts–specifically, that Elon is driven by a focus to legitimately change the world and provide all with renewable, affordable, and sustainable energy. I think this perceived notion (whether its entirely true or not) that Musk is committed to preserving the environment will only fuel the success of his companies over the long term. Its hard not to believe a multibillionaire who says he wants to change the world.

    Although I don’t think he’s doing much for the environment by launching and, in some instances, blowing up rockets in the atmosphere.


  2. One misconception surrounding global warming and the humans affect on climate change is that the greatest factor is transportation. Even though changing what type of car you drive and switching to an electric car may be an simple change, it won’t have as great of an effect as going vegan. It is estimated that about 40-50% of greenhouse gas emissions result from the production of livestock. This is because it takes up so much land to feed and then quickly fatten the many types of animals we eat. I take part in eating animals, but I am trying to cut down because it is the greatest threat to the earth. It is never talked about by the major advocates of climate change, possibly due to the inability to change a person eating habits. Changing your driving habits is one thing but making someone not eat meat is almost impossible. In the future I hope to stop eating meat and I strongly suggest anyone in the class interested in this subject to watch the documentary “Cowspiracy”.


  3. It is interesting that you brought this up @pkrebs101 because I was talking to someone about the gas emissions that cows produce earlier today and how the Commons Dinning area does not serve meat on Mondays now. It’s actually quite amazing how badly the methane that cows produce harms the environment. Transportation emits a large amount of C02, which arguably is not as harmful as methane. I would agree that if everyone turned vegan it would be more impactful than if everyone switched to electric vehicles, however, I think there is a better chance of the ladder. Musk has taken altered the social stigmas towards electric cars, and turned a lot of people onto them. I wonder if someone will be able to do the same for being a vegan.


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