Prompt 5 -BeInnovative

Think of a social issue in the world today. Can you think of a solution to that problem? Is it a solution a business can implement?  Some other type of organization?

We want you to ONLY use what is in your head.  See how creative you can be WITHOUT doing extra research.


  • What is the problem?  Why do you care?
  • What do you know about the causes of the problem.  Can that be the basis for a solution?
  • Are business solutions a good way to solve social issues? If no, what are better ways?
  • What is the model for the organization, business or otherwise, that can implement this solution?
  • How does starting a company with the goal of solving a social issue influence whether the company will be shareholder or stakeholder focused?
  • What new technologies could you leverage to design a creative business model?
  • Think about emerging companies that were founded with a socially responsible vision for inspiration. (e.g. Warby Parker, Tom’s, etc.)

Someone said to me (Jordi) recently that he longed for the day when students would not ask each other “what are you majoring in?” but instead “what problem do you want to solve?”


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