Solutions to Truth Hunting

Hi Guys, 

This is the newest blog council report for Solutions to Truth Hunting prompt. Great work this week with the content of the posts! One aspect of the posts that could definitely improve the quality would be hyperlinking the text to corresponding data going forward. This will help people to go deeper into the information if they feel interested. It will also give them direct access to data referenced in posts. Keep up the work with making topics impactful. Next week we’re planning to dig more into social entrepreneurship, and the prompt will place heavy emphasis on creativity. Looking forward to the ideas we create for that prompt. 

Below are some fun accolades for the week!

Best Post of the Week: Margaret!!

Most Interesting/ Most Humorous: MegaSchu

Most Impactful Comments: Brady

Wittiest Title: Frank Henry

Best Reference to Sources: Zach Alerhand

Readers Choice: Morgan Machado
Keep a look out for the next blog prompt!

  • Morgan and West

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