Chipotle: don’t tell me,show me.

For this week’s blog, I will attempt to take some of the problems that were raised about Chipotle in the last blog of our class and try to find some solutions for them.

The main issue that seems to be threatening Chipotle is the proven lack of commitment to their “Food with Integrity” mission. This is the foundation of Chipotle’s success, since Chipotle is known to provide Mexican fast food that is fresh, non GMO, and grown in a sustainable way. Thanks to this mission they have been seen as the main pushers of the idea that eating healthy can be cool.

In the first place, one of the main things I believe Chipotle should do is make sure they are able to back up with numbers and statistics their claims that they’re indeed taken extra measures to provide quality food to their customers. At the moment, they’re relying on their good image as an excuse for not releasing their sustainability reports.

However, they may have reached a turning point when their image is suffering due to the coli outbreaks which have been provenly tied to the company’s lack of standards when it comes to food security.

At this point, Chipotle has taken some measures to repair their brand image and hopefully to make sure that this situation doesn’t arise again since it would be very damaging to their brand. As this Time article mentions:

Chipotle has promised “safety improvements [that] include testing all local produce before it gets to the restaurants and testing the quality of ingredients throughout their shelf life. The chain will also increase its food safety and handling training for employees, the Associated Press reports.

In addition in Nations Restaurant News we see that”in a presentation to Wall Street analysts, executives laid out a plan for improving food safety that they contend will put Chipotle 10 to 20 years ahead of industry norms.”

I believe these are excellent measures to take. They seem to be addressing the problem in hand. However, now that the brand image has taken some damage and there are people who have raised concerns about whether the mission of this company may be a marketing scheme, more measures are needed. In order to really strengthen the brand of Chipotle and address their problems, I believe that they need rock solid data. They need to do their best to show progress in the way they produce and handle their food. This can be addressed by changing the lack of public reports, and making sure that the public is able to access reports with real data that shows progress in tackling the issues that have arisen.


4 thoughts on “Chipotle: don’t tell me,show me.

  1. How might they need to be involved in the structure of fresh food production? Like Nike and Apple had to start looking down their supply chain since it is their customers who benefit or suffer from the final product?


  2. I believe they would have to obviously look down at the suppliers of their supply chain and make sure they are treating well the animals. In addition, audits would be a good idea to make sure that their new suppliers are following the contractual agreement that links them with proper behavior – I suppose they have a contractual agreement with their suppliers in which there are laid down a number of standards for proper handling of animals.
    With respect to Arsenal, as a Spanish guy, I am very happy they lost, even though I support Real Madrid and it is Barcelona who won.


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