Prompt 4 – Solutions to Truth Hunting


POST due Monday Feb 22.  Comments, noon on the 23rd.

For this week’s prompt you will have either chosen a blog post or been randomly assigned one from last week, and your job is to investigate the other side of the story. Whether this is investigating the major players discussed in the article or finding a company that has effectively solved the problem that was presented last week, look for something that shows the other side of the story. Don’t be afraid to look off the beaten trail for sources, find something other than a Forbes article, for example. You might potentially look for something that is written by someone who has a stake in the topic, i.e an environmental activist. Also, feel free to discuss what you may have done if you were an executive in the same situation as your chosen company.

We expect you to focus either on what Week 3’s company could have done differently OR what a competitor does do differently.

You will get a chance to pick a company you want to write on, and if you do not have one, then we will randomly assign you one.

Feel free to use the sources from prompt 3…


From this Stakeholder HUB page, look under “News and Commentary” or “Business News NOT Forbes.”


Wed blog prompt 4 assignments


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