Research Into Dick’s Sporting Goods

The company that I wanted to do some research on was Dick’s Sporting Goods. I have gone here many times over the past few years for clothing, shoes, and equipment, and they always have great items for sale, no matter what you are looking for. I dug up some articles to find out more about Dick’s Sporting Goods, with both positive and negative results.


From the outside, people who have reviewed Dick’s Sporting Goods have found a company who has consistently increased its profits while expanding its business and inventory for customers. However, there have been issues that the company has faced, not unlike most businesses, and some of those issues are detailed below. First off, there have been several lawsuits made against Dick’s Sporting Goods since 2005 that have been in regards to patents. Although these lawsuits can be common for most organizations, there could be some legitimacy for these ones. Dick’s Sporting Goods has settled with plaintiffs before rather than go through with the law process – perhaps they believed that it just wasn’t worth their time, or maybe they actually had been using information that was protected by patents. Another large issue coming directly from customers was the fact that Dick’s Sporting Goods went back on some gun sales not too long ago. Whether that was the right call by Dick’s Sporting Goods or not, there is some distance there between the company and the customers, something that could cause some harm down the road in terms of trust between the two parties.


The biggest problem that I had found, however, does come from inside the company, and relates to the work-style for hourly workers. I had read about this issue before a year or two ago, and many comments from current and ex-employees share the same sentiments. Some of the issues include low-pay (minimum wage) for many workers, along with monotonous work and little respect for the work that they complete. However, the biggest concern has been about management – there seems to be a lack of trust and general friendliness between these workers and management. This is an important relationship, and the fact that Dick’s Sporting Goods has decided not to put any emphasis on improving it says something about the focus of company. The employees are important stakeholders, and their views are taken away when the management of Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t have a strong focus on improving the workstyle of its employees. Although it was easy to find information from the workers’ point of view, I don’t feel like the management of Dick’s Sporting Goods would be as willing to talk about it. Instead of focusing on that relationship, the company decides to open up new stores all across the country, which occurred at a very high rate over the final few months of 2015.


Still, Dick’s Sporting Goods has been doing some things right when it comes to the way the company is run. It is a store that, for the most part, has its customers that keep coming back to make purchases. They know what their customers are looking for, and mend their product market to fit that niche. Furthermore in the Corporate Social Responsibility side, there is a Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation that helps raise money for various causes. Most recently via PRnewswire, Dick’s Sporting Goods also promotes active lifestyles by giving discounts and coupons for those who complete different levels of activity through an app. These are just a few examples as to why Dick’s Sporting Goods has maintained their level of success; however, people can try and dig a little deeper, and doing some research into some behind-the-scene actions of Dick’s Sporting Goods will help create a better picture regarding what the company is actually like.


3 thoughts on “Research Into Dick’s Sporting Goods

  1. As you discussed, trust and interaction between workers and management is an important issue that some companies face, It is sometimes difficult to get ideas/values aligned between people who work for an hourly wage (workers) versus those on salary (managers). Workers want more hours, and managers want to keep costs down. All in all it is a tricky situation to be in when your workers and managers don’t respect one another, and Dick’s certainly needs to work on this.


  2. I have been a few times to buy shoes or other equipment. My expectation was to expect no actual knowledge or help from the employees. If I am buying soccer cleats, I wouldn’t think to ask “which shoes do you think are good? I have ankle problems. Do you think one is better?”

    Dick’s seems built around a low-cost strategy. To actually have workers who know something may include higher costs, but, would it lead to greater revenue? Or, are shoes and athletic equipment just too commoditized so that customers will never pay a premium?


  3. I have also felt that Dick’s Sporting Goods is more about providing a wide range of medium quality products instead of specializing in a single sport. The positive of this business model is that it allows the customer to go to one store for multiple products, but the issue is that they don’t have people that know what they are talking about. Some of the products that I have purchased at Dick’s are general athletic wear and cheap golf equipment. I am not surprised by the issues with giving workers enough hours for benefits because this is common with retailers like Sam’s Club and Walmart. This allows the companies to decrease costs while still giving the customers just enough to continue to shop there.


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