Prompt 3- Truth Hunting

BE SURE you can do everything on the blogging skills checklist!  You will nee to bring a signed copy ot class for session 4!

The blog council met and wanted to extend some of the themes of last two weeks into new territory.  Specifically, we discussed what would happen if one of us discovers a similar dynamic in one of our admired organizations as what we experienced with Apple, Mike Daisey, and the complexities of the “truth.”  In particular, we were influenced by Ben’s post about conspiracies.  We all feel there is a torrent of information around us, much of it manipulated if not fabricated, in marketing, advertising, politics, and so on.  How do we live and cope with the possibility that we re being “lied” to all the time and that everyone (or everything) is trying to spin us?

Our idea is this: see what happens if you focus on an organization you admire or that interests you and then seek out critiques or controversy from another party.  Who do you believe?  Apple or Mike Daisey?  Daisey or Ira Glass?  Jeff Ballinger of the anti-sweatshop movement or Nike?  And, farther afield, Lehman Brothers when they say they are solvent or short sellers betting on inflated assets?  And so on…

Here is how it will work.

  1. Identify an organization (business or otherwise) you admire or find interesting.
  2. Look for critics, opponents, or whistle blowers who offer a different truth or picture of the organization.  See if you can find voices or perspectives close to being on the ground (that is, direct participants).
  3. Ideally, avoid normal or mainstream journalism.  Part of our motivation for this post was me complaining about how in all of the stuff about Foxconn, it is all Daisey, Glass, Duhigg and others talking ABOUT China and Chinese workers.  How hard would it be to actually talk to some Chinese workers?  Or activists in China? We provide some leads below.

Have fun.  Be open-minded.

Posts Monday, midnight.  Comments, Tuesday, at the latest.

Leads for critiques or on-the-ground sources.

From this Stakeholder HUB page, look under “News and Commentary” or “Business News NOT Forbes.”




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