Does the end justify the means?


Is Ira Glass justified in his anger? I believe he is. For someone who claims that “I think the truth always matters. I think the truth is tremendously important”, Daisey admits to falsifying the most critical parts of his story in order to achieve his goal of spreading awareness and making people care. So how much does Daisey really care about the truth?  When does the truth not matter anymore? Is there ever a time when it doesn’t? Despite the ways in which Daisey tries to spin his story or express his “fear” of his story unravelling, he should not have been misleading the public to believe that he was presenting his first hand experiences as they had happened.

It is interesting how situations like these can make people stop and consider whether or not to believe the things that they see or hear online and in pubic. Who can we trust to give us unbiased facts? The whole truth and nothing but the truth? There are at least two sides to every story and it is amazing to see how different they can be and also continually surprising to see the ways people are able to manipulate scenarios in order to get their desired reactions from their audiences.

After the first podcast last week, I was disgusted by the ways in which Apple was turning a blind eye to everything that was happening in Shenzhen. However, I now question everything in the podcast like it was done in this retraction piece. Daisy claims he was “terrified that if I untied these things, that the work that I know is really good and tells a story, that does these really great things for making people care, that it would come apart in a way where it would ruin everything.” The way Daisey tries to justify his actions in deception angers me and makes me question whether he does genuinely care about the workers overseas or whether he was simply promoting his work of theatrics that he knows “is really good”.


4 thoughts on “Does the end justify the means?

  1. I almost wrote about a very similar topic as the topic you chose. I had written a paragraph about how he is trying to argue that the end justifies the mean. Even though I may think that it helped bring awareness about the way Apple treats its employees, I can not fully support this concept.


    1. I agree – Daisey’s ulimate goal was to spread awareness about the bad conditions at Shenzhen and to make the public really think about where and in what conditions some of our most prized devices come from but there are definitely better ways of accomplishing the same goal. Daisey did accomplish his ultimate goal, but he did so through deception and manipulation of the public’s emotions which I don’t believe justifies his intentions.


  2. I wonder if Daisey picked Apple as a source for his piece because it is such a large and popular company. Daisey knew that some of these practices were going on, and tried to pass off some experiences as his own. As you said he manipulated a scenario to reach a desired outcome, and he did accomplish that goal. However the way in which he went about it was certainly unethical, and raises the question like you said about whether or not he truly cares about what is going on. There are points that could be made to suggest that he does, and that he had a lapse in ethical judgement in his pursuit of change.


  3. I had a different reaction when I learned that Daisey had lied about the details of the trip. I actually wasn’t angry or bothered by what he did because the lies appears to justify the ends that were produced. Now, a greater part of the world knows about the malpractice of Foxconn and Apple, and he just told a few lies in his theater monologue. This may be playing it down, but I really think that if he were to go back, he would do it again.


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