“Its like Magic”

I, unlike Mike Daisey, am not a lover of technology. You will definitely not find me separating any piece of my Apple technology into two pieces unless I drop it. Beyond the message, phone, and camera applications I have only three other applications that I use on my iPhone. But I appreciate people like Mike Daisey and those who have a passion to know more about the products they are using and in this case the origin of the products as well. I applaud him for making the trip to Foxconn and for reporting the unexpected corruptions to those who benefit from them daily.

I find it quite disgusting the things that happen at Foxcon. People and places that promote underage working and dangerous/uncomfortable working conditions should be reminded that conscious people with families and passions endure these problems. I understand the importance of profitable margins for large companies like Apple, but I know we need to be reminded that these easily forgotten workers in Foxconn are suffering at our expense. One of the things Daisey says that I did not expect was that the workers never even see the finished product. I could not imagine working under these conditions for so many year and never know what it is that I was building. Daisy quotes one of the workers after he showed him an actual iPad. The worker responded by saying “Its like magic.”

When it comes to the question of whether or not we should feel guilty, I agree that we should not. We have become somewhat dependent on technology and Apple products. I do not believe that protesting or giving up on Apple will solve these problems happening in Shenzhen, China. However, if we know about places like Foxconn we should feel obligated to help these people and improve their working conditions. So I feel it would be great for Apple users to understand the process of building their new iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. so they can know and maybe make a difference for those suffering overseas.appleworkers_610x365


2 thoughts on ““Its like Magic”

  1. I agree with a lot of your points here, but I don’t think I can quite reconcile the part about not feeling guilty. I do agree that guilt itself will not change anything, but Western demand for electronics is the market being served in large part in Shenzhen. Things would be different there without that collective demand. Better? Worse? I don’t know, but I do know our collective desire for tech has a deep, deep effect. A thought experiment I felt was helpful was imagining that of all the downstream part of Apple’s value chain, (beautiful stores in which to distribute, conferences releasing the newest thing, etc.) were gone, and that the distribution point was right at Foxconn, would we feel anything different than we do at the conferences and stores? I think guilt would hit me like a baseball bat.


  2. Yeah this is very true. If it what is happening at Foxconn was present when buying, you’re 100% right it guilt would hit you hard. At this point though I’m not sure how we could decrease Western demand for technology when it rising everyday. I would have to say this is the tech companies’ responsibility to be more ethical and help these workers.


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